LG chiude il programma di sblocco del bootloader thumbnail

LG closes the bootloader unlock program

As you already know, LG has chosen to stop its smartphone production activity, however promising users continuity of support for devices. The Android developer community is known for extending the lifespan of older phones far beyond what the manufacturer has offered. But now LG is eliminating a useful tool in this regard, the bootloader unlock program. Let’s find out what it will mean for users with an LG smartphone.

LG smartphone: starts closing the bootloader unlock service

For the uninitiated, the bootloader is the tool that loads the operating system. In fact, most Android devices block the bootloader to prevent the installation of unofficial software. If desired, however, it can be unlocked to allow you to install a different system. This allows third party developers to create and install a “custom ROM”, an alternate version of the operating system that may offer different functionality, a newer version, or a different design.

LG has long offered an official set of tools to aid in the bootloader unlocking process. Specifically, users with an LG smartphone have the option to request a key to unlock their bootloader. But now this service is aimed at end December 31, 2021. This is the announcement of the company:

“LG Electronics has decided to close the mobile phone business to focus more on business areas that deliver new experiences and values ​​to customers. After the service is finished, all information provided on the LG Mobile Developer website and the bootloader unlock key release function cannot be used. Personal information collected to provide the services will be destroyed. However, if it is necessary to retain personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, the company retains personal information for a specified period in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We sincerely thank all of you who have used the LG Mobile Developer site during this time and ask for your understanding. ”

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