Sonic Frontiers: in arrivo novità ai The Game Awards 2021?

Sonic’s return to The Game Awards 2021 would now seem certain, thanks to a tweet directly from the account of the very fast blue hedgehog

I The Game Awards 2021 by now they are at the gates, and for days they have been pouring news on the possible titles that will be presented during the evening: among these, apparently, there would also be Sonic. A new chapter from SEGA in the story of the fastest blue hedgehog in the world had already been announced on the occasion of the character’s thirtieth anniversary, but had been called a “premature announcement“From the same manufacturer.

Sonic: what we know about the title that could be presented at The Game Awards 2021

The probable announcement of the new Sonic ai The Game Awards 2021 came with a tweet of the official account of the hedgehog: in the twitter, in fact, he asks a Geoff Keighley, the organizer of TGA 2021, if there was still a place for him in the evening. Keighley’s response was not long in coming (along with a “wait, but you don’t even follow me lol” exchange), and now the Web is in hype for the announcement. A possible title for the new game, Sonic Frontiers, had already been leaked, and it was rumored that it would be a open world.

Sonic has been the protagonist, lately, of various special events in the world of gaming. From the announcement of a concert in collaboration with DJ Steve Aoki, to the appearances of the hedgehog in games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Switch (where the event in his honor lasted a whole weekend) and to the collaboration with Monster Hunter Rise. Sonic is slowly making its way back into the lives of players (also thanks to the three totally free games placed on PS Now). We just have to wait the night between December 9th and December 10th to find out more (we hope there is indeed a new Sonic game coming up!) and for further announcements on the other titles in the program.

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