DragGAN è un’intelligenza artificiale (AI) rivoluzionaria che potrebbe soppiantare Photoshop thumbnail

DragGAN is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that could supplant Photoshop

Photoshop has long been the go-to software for photo editing enthusiasts and professional photographers, but a new technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) could soon revolutionize the industry.

It’s about DragGANan AI software developed by a group of independent researchers, which in the first demo shows how it is possible to manipulate photos in a way that challenges the limits of traditional photography.

What is DragGAN? The artificial intelligence that could replace Photoshop

The name DragGAN derives from “drag” (literally “drag”) and from the acronym “Generative Adversarial Network”). Technology allows you to edit photos by dragging points on specific parts of the image, such as the face, body or details. By doing so, they can change subjects’ facial expressions, body positions, and even light reflections.

The result is amazing as DragGAN doesn’t just warp the original image, but generates new pixels based on the context and position of the grab points. You can see for yourself the incredible potential of DragGAN in the video below.

In recent times Photoshop has already introduced some tools based on artificial intelligence, such as neural filters that allow you to adjust the expressions of the portraits with sliders. However, the great revolution of DragGAN consists of an intuitive and powerful interface, which allows you to completely transform your photos with just one click.

“When a refined version of this technology arrives on smartphones, imperfect photos will be a thing of the past,” writes TechRadar.com, which has tested the technology extensively.

Currently DragGAN is in demo stage and it is not clear when the final version will be released.