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Bing: on Disney + the record series for the little ones

Bing, the most watched series in preschool, is ready to land on Disney +, thus increasing its already huge success

The most viewed animated series in preschool is ready to land on Disney +. From August 24, all 104 episodes of Bing will be available on the streaming platform, alongside all the contents of the Mickey Mouse house and the great franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars. An important milestone for the series most loved by children, ready to increase the number of its fans even more.

The rise of Bing

Bing saw the light in 2018 on Rai Yoyo and over time it has become the most watched show by children in the age group between 0 and 6, surpassing iconic programs such as Mickey Mouse, Peppa Pig and Masha & the Bear. The series has reached its fourth season, which premiered in February 2021 on Rai Yoyo, but all the episodes are visible on Rai Play and are currently on the air.

As its success grew, the Bing universe expanded, also debuting on radio in 2021, with the Big Bang program airing on Rai Radio Kids. The success of the series is also alive on the web, the channel YouTube of Bing has surpassed one million subscribers, 900 million views and 120 million hours of views, also leading to the win of YouTube’s Golden Creator Award.

Bing is also present on social networks, on Facebook it boasts a very active community, made up of both small and large. The program also inspired the app Bing: Watch, Play, Learn, which provides children with a range of activities aimed at stimulating learning. An incredible success also for the app, which since its launch in 2020 has counted over 600,000 downloads.

The reasons for the success

The success of Bing, which also won the prestigious Emmy Award, is to be found in the authenticity and universality of the character of Bing, in which practically every child can recognize himself. Bing narrates the daily micro-dramas of the little ones and does so in the first person, allowing an identification that then led to the extraordinary success of the cartoon.

As far as Italy is concerned, one of the reasons for the success is also the attention dedicated to location content, perfectly adapted to the Italian environment. Language work is very important in Bing, a substantial team works on translation, dubbing and so on, to allow Italian children to identify themselves better in Bing’s life.

“The Bing Italia dubbing project thrilled me because we realized that we were giving voice to the very big feelings of very young children. It was not a small undertaking but it gave us great professional satisfaction “: so commented the director of the Italian dubbing, Luca Tesei.

Attention to children

Bing is a product that puts children and their feelings first. Like this Mikael Shields, CEO of Acamar Films, the production company of the series, commented on the nature of the cartoon: “With Bing we tell stories for very young children, related to the little dramas of their lives, those little unexpected events that enrich their days. For this reason, the protagonists of our stories are children with whom the public can identify. They are characters as authentic as possible. The stories we tell in Bing are not ephemeral, they are timeless stories. Hitting your head when going on the swing hurt in 1952 just as it will hurt in 2052.

Our creation aims to facilitate the growth of children. We help them build an identity. We help them in cognitive development, develop defense mechanisms, increase their emotional resilience and even strengthen their endocrine system. In an increasingly precarious and complex world, we believe it is important to do so and part of our success is due precisely to the fact that both adults and children realize that what we do brings benefits to their lives ”.

Each episode of Bing lasts about 7 minutes and at the end Bing tells, in first person, what he experienced. This is the climax, where the children empathize with the character and recognize themselves in the series. Bing’s success lies in the attention paid to children’s emotions, a care also recognized by adults, who really appreciate the series for this very detailed attention to the emotional sphere of their little ones. Bing has already conquered many fans, now it is ready to expand further with the landing on Disney +.

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