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Forge of Empires announces The Fellowship event

Forge of Empires announces the launch of a brand new event. In the’The Company eventa hero will travel in a medieval world where he will meet friends and visit cities to win unique prizes. The event will be available until August 18, 2022. Here are all the details.

The Fellowship, the new Forge of Empires event

Forge of Empires players will be able to use their hero to meet other characters and obtain incredible rewards. The players will have to collect travel rations and they will help their hero cope various events e solve missions.

The rations will offer the hero and his horse the energy needed to continue with his adventure. As the hero moves from city to city, players will be able to stop e meet friends: In addition, at each stage of the journey, players will be able to choose to visit one of the three statuettes. Each character will guard a mysterious chest that will help players progress towards the big prize.

There will be five heroes to choose from in the event. Based on the cost and at various skills e rewardschoosing the right hero could make all the difference as you progress through the event.

This year the Special Grand Prix will be the building Heroes Tavernwhich can be improved until level 10. Once it is brought to the maximum it will be possible to produce Coins, Population, Happiness, Forge pointsbut also enhancements of attack and defense for the attacking army of players.

Finally, with the introduction of a number of interesting characters to meet and various prizes, the Fellowship event will be the first in a long series of incredible events coming up on the title. There will also be a Event pass which will provide an additional set of rewards. For more information you can consult the official site.

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