Biofuels and energy transition: electric mobility has a new ally

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Biofuels and energy transition: two concepts that are developing rapidly thanks to the use of new technologies in the progress towards electric mobility

It is well known that electrification alone cannot guarantee the decarbonisation complete in transport sector. Therefore, there is an immediate need for innovative solutions for reduction of harmful emissions. The problem is that, at present, it is not easy to say goodbye to fossil fuels, at least not immediately. This is why there is an ever-increasing push towards the use of biofuels, which have entered the strategic plan of the European Commission REPowerEU. But what are the biofuels? These are fuels that are obtained by processing biological raw materials, i.e. by valorising them biomass of waste and scrapslike him used edible oils. Once used through new generation technologies, they become very useful resources, which also include organic remains such as hevea and croton. In addition to giving a big input to thecircular economywaste management would benefit, with the consumption of raw materials significantly reduced.

Biofuels and energy transition: electric mobility has a new ally

Biofuels and energy transition: social development is now

Throughout the world, in recent years, many oil refineries have undergone a radical transformation to produce oil biofuels. In Porto Marghera and Gela they are used raw materials of biogenic origin for the production of bio-LPG, HVO diesel, bio-naphtha and bio-jet. To process them, Eni has deployed useful technologies to further optimize the process of transforming organic raw materials into biofuels. Ecofining is the classic example of this transformation. This process involves two phases: thehydrodeoxygenation (add hydrogen and eliminate oxygen) and theisomerizationwhich improves the cold properties of the biofuel.

The use of this technology, which is particularly flexible and versatile, allows production to be adapted to satisfy every market request. In an energy transition framework oriented towards technological neutrality, the use of biofuels becomes an essential and integrative solution for reduce carbon dioxide emissions. For example, in aviation, biofuel production and energy transition they are the only concrete remedies for the decarbonisation of air transport, an area which, it should be noted, is experiencing significant expansion in recent times.

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