Aperit-Hero: Iron Man, when humility beats arrogance

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Welcome to this new episode of Aperit-Hero! We couldn’t help but talk about the one who started it all, the one who started the MCU and who concluded the greatest cinematic event that cinema has ever seen: in this Aperit-Hero we talk about Iron Man!

Speak about Tony Stark even today it is a sore point, a very difficult thing to do, especially to summarize everything, but we will try not to dwell on it too much. In the previous episode we talked about Captain America, the timeless man who has proven to be more than the result of an experiment that came out of a trap door. Now, however, the time has come to talk about face of the MCUrepresented by the great one Robert Downey Jr, whose biography you can read here. Let’s take a nice journey into Tony’s life and how he came to be the savior of the universe.

Aperit-Hero: Iron Man, when humility beats arrogance

The birth of a legend | Aperit-Hero: Iron Man, when humility beats arrogance

It all started from that cave, in which the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark was kidnapped by the terrorist organization dei Ten Rings in Afghanistan. Before Tony was an arrogant man, blinded by power and the desire to make more and more money, becoming a real war trader, selling nuclear weapons to the wrong people without worrying about the consequences. A spoiled man, powerful, rich and much loved by beautiful women. However, things begin to change when he is kidnapped in Afghanistan and forced to experience a trauma that will change him forever. Next to him, fortunately, there was another man, the physicist Yinsenwhich represents the salvation of the billionaire entrepreneur.

Devising a plan to get out of that cave alive, Yinsen gives Tony the idea of ​​creating armor capable of countering all the terrorists who keep them imprisoned. They work secretly, helping each other to get out of there alive. At that moment comes the real turning point in Tony’s life. Once the armor is created with the simple use of a box of scraphis fellow prisoner Yinsen suffers a bullet wound and dies in Tony’s arms, but not before teaching him to appreciate his life and not throw it away, doing good. To the man’s displeasure, he leaves the physical and manages to escape the cave, becoming Iron Man. Tony returns to New York and discovers what was behind the new direction of Obadiah Stanehis father’s colleague Howard Stark, fights against his business partner, who had taken possession of one of the suits of armor he created, wreaking havoc on the city. The legend of the hero who saved the universe begins when, at a press event, Tony utters the famous phrase that started the MCU: “I am Iron Man“.

Aperit-Hero: Iron Man, when humility beats arrogance

Steve Rogers, an idol | Aperit-Hero: Iron Man, when humility beats arrogance

Steve Rogers represented a very important piece in Tony’s life, not only because thanks to him he finds a new family with which to feel at home, but because from Steve, Tony begins to understand what the true heroism. Steve Rogers worked closely with his father Howard Starkthe one who created the iconic shield with the American flag, made entirely in vibranio. His father told him about his war stories, in which the great Captain America saved the world from the Nazis, and finding him on the team, collaborating with him, was a real salvation for Tony. Without him, Tony would never have learned what it means to be a hero, to defend the weak and to give up glory for the greater good.

The bond between the two, over the course of the films, has evolved more and more, to the point of making them gods great friends. Tony began to appreciate Steve after Loki’s defeat, and although there were arguments between them, in the end they always found a solution together, with Steve always inspiring him to do better. Reason why, in Civil Warwhen he discovers that Steve has kept his parents’ killer, Bucky Barnes, from him, a relationship is created crack in his heart. Tony was deeply disappointed by the secret he kept from him, the death of his parents has tormented him all his life and the fact that a close friend of his lied to him all that time hurt him. That marks the first step towards the catastrophe that occurred in Infinity Wardove Thanos he won and decimated 50% of all living beings in the universe. Their separation led to the defeat of the Avengers.

Aperit-Hero: Iron Man, when humility beats arrogance

Pepper’s love | Aperit-Hero: Iron Man, when humility beats arrogance

The most important person who gave Tony the opportunity to have the real change was Pepper Potts. She has been in Tony’s life since the beginning, since the first Iron Man movie, where she was simply his secretary. Thanks to Pepper, Tony began to understand what was really important in his life. After everything he had faced, after all the various backstabs he had received from the people around him, even Steve Rogers, Pepper was the only person who, in all those years, had always remained by his side. She had been there with Obadiah Stane, with the Mandarin, she had been there especially with Thanosalways Tony’s nightmare.

Since Nick Fury had recruited him into the Avengers, Tony’s life had become much more eventful and had even started to suffer from panic attacks. After all, he was a simple human who was also spoiled all his life and who suddenly opened his eyes and decided to throw himself into the battlefield to be a hero. In all these battles, in all these wars, the only safe place for him to calm down was in the arms of the woman he loved. Pepper was his safe place, his home, she was everything he had and that, in the end, she gave him everything. Precisely thanks to the love she gave him, Tony learned thehumility, leaving behind the arrogant and selfish man he once was to become a better man. His wife saved his life, she is his heroine.

Aperit-Hero: Iron Man, when humility beats arrogance

I am Iron Man

The ending to the Iron Man story is the best in the whole MCU. Tony represented, in 11 years of films, the entire Marvel cinematic universe. He is the face, he carried forward this great story told in the Infinity Saga, full of heroes, great feats, great threats and, above all, sacrifices. In fact, she took the definitive evolutionary step when she chose to sacrifice yourself to save the universe. As Strange had said, that was the only way the Avengers could win against Thanos. During his life, Tony was able to understand what is really important to protect, he went from being a arms dealer to being the greatest hero that the universe has ever known. With his sacrifice, Tony gave up a peaceful life with his family, to allow his daughter Morgan to grow up in a safe world, where heroes win. By the end of his story, Tony has become a man willing to sacrifice for the greater good. After years, Tony has finally become what he has always been: a hero.

Even today the Aperit-Hero episode comes to an end. What do you think about it? Is Iron Man your favorite superhero? Let us know with a comment below! Continue to follow us on TechGameWorld.com for the next episode of Aperit-Hero!

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