Biomutant: 5 useful tips to survive

Biomutant offers an extremely dangerous world for anyone who tries to cross it. So here are 5 tips and tricks to survive in Biomutant

Biomutant is an action game with a strong rpg component. Developed by Experiment 101 and distributed by THQ Nordic, the title was unfortunately not well received by the community. However, beyond the defects that can be found, the title still offers many hours of fun. The story puts you in the shoes of a genetically modified raccoon who must make his way through a post apocalyptic world ruled by six different tribes. In a context where the law of the strongest, here are five useful ones advice to survive in Biomutant.

Natural disasters

The title is in effect a rpg from the structure rather classical. Starting from the initial selection of the character, we can choose between the be different races and decide which stats to aim for. This is to the detriment of the fact that over the course of the hours we will have the opportunity to redistribute where we want the experience points collected. There are several in the world biomes which will weaken the resistance of our protagonist if there is not enough statistical points to resist that weakness.

As for the component exploratory, you will find yourself wandering around the colorful (and equally dangerous) game world. On the other hand, the combat is sufficiently layered. We have in fact mechanics of melee combat as well as weapons for the distance and magic. Over the course of the experience we will also be able to apply changes in clothing and craft weapons. To try not to go crazy amidst all these mechanics, here you go five tips to try to survive in Biomutant.

Biomutant: 5 useful tips to survive

Customize! – Biomutant: 5 tips to survive

Before diving into the action you need to start by creating your character furry. The options in this case will include choosing the race, of genetic code, resistance ed aesthetics. Altering the genetic code will raise or lower your base stats (Vitality, Strength, Stamina). The six initial pre-sets offer six stats and six design styles predefined, while the five classes will give you specific perks to use in gameplay. Don’t worry about building the perfect character right away, because as you progress through the game you will get many experience points that will allow you to improve.

As well as the aesthetic appearance of the character, which you can change more forward in the game. In this sense you never are bound to a specific build. That said, you will have to choose the mutant class. The class Commando will focus on ranged combat with weapons. Sentinel instead it will be more melee oriented. Saboteur will allow you to stealth, evade, and perform Critical Hits. With Psi-Freak you will use psychic powers, while Dead-Eye it is probably the most balanced class.

The advice among all is to use immediately Saboteur. With this class you will have a melee and ranged damage bonus thanks to the perk of gods Critical Hits. Additionally, the increased agility will make you a harder target for enemies to hit. Obviously you are free to distribute the experience points as you wish, but keep in mind that this class will give you a big hand in battle, especially during the toughest boss fights.

Biomutant: 5 useful tips to survive

Improving Equipment and Weapons – Biomutant: 5 Tips to Survive

The post apocalyptic world of Biomutant contains so many treasures and lots of loot to collect. Around you will find armor, weapons, healing items and other treasures. Given the abundance of these items, sellers are almost there irrelevant. However, vendors are useful for one thing, and that is to be able to buy crafting materials. The crafting it’s a pretty straightforward process. You can exchange all the components of a weapon for better variants (ammunition, sights, grips, barrels, etc.).

Another way to get craftable material is disassemble the equipment you no longer want. In this regard, as you progress through the game you will find out work benches with which to upgrade your equipment. These are useful if you have your own weapon or weapon set favorite. In short, crafting and workbenches offer a great opportunity to growth for any build. So, use them as much as possible.

Biomutant: 5 useful tips to survive

Stay flexible in combat – Biomutant: 5 tips to survive

In the game you will fight mutant monsters with different weapons a short and long range. Regardless of your favorite weapon of destruction, here are some little tips to keep from succumbing. The first key thing is to try as much as possible of combine in combat close-range attacks with long-range weapons. You can build effective combos by going to stunnare the enemies by firing a few shots and continue the attack with melee shots, for example with the sword. Another tip is to keep going move so as to make up for the numerical inferiority.

Always try to to avoid in time the enemy attacks so as to leave the next space for yours combo. Another important thing, given the lack of a lock on of enemies, is to try to prolong the engagement of a single enemy as much as possible. This is because the first time you dodge to avoid the attack, you will lose the contact visual. Shooting while jumping will also do slow down time for a while. This will give you a moment to aim better and to think about the combos you will make once you land on the ground. This last advice does not come made explicit from the game, so try to exploit it.

Biomutant: 5 useful tips to survive

Using stations for fast travel – Biomutant: 5 tips to survive

It is nice in Biomutant to admire the splendid panoramas of the game, but sometimes you just want to get on with missions and forgo the long explorations. On this occasion, the fast travel stations intervene. You will find the points for the fast travel in many areas of the map. You can use them immediately after interacting with them once. Fast travel is not only a great mechanic for quick exploration, but there are occasions for it will save the life.

Unlike many titles, in fact, Biomutant allows you to use fast travel even in the combat. If you are surrounded and at a disadvantage, look for it to avoid the worst. Finally, to speed up your excursions, look for animals or robots from to ride. Each of them advances at the same speed, so you can choose your mount based on it aesthetics and not attributes.

Biomutant: 5 useful tips to survive

Completing Side Missions – Biomutant: 5 Tips to Survive

Crossing the sette biomi different you will meet many characters to interact with. Most of which will ask you for help. Accept them side missions it’s a great way to level up and get loot and craftable material. In addition, these missions are ideal for deepening the lore of the game world and its inhabitants. Furthermore, the latter have their own specific interactive structure. For example, sundials will lead you to treasures hidden inside the sewer tunnels. So search the various hiding places, vaults, warehouses and hiding places of the Old World, there you will find many fantastic objects and materials.

Biomutant: 5 useful tips to survive

Post apocalyptic mutations

We have seen in this guide some tips and tricks to survive the difficult and hostile world of Biomutant. So pay attention to the different combat mechanics, give them combo to be used in movement to address the numerical disadvantage. Remember the fast travel when you are in trouble during fights. Do as many side missions as possible and try to to explore to obtain resources and information about the past of this post apocalyptic world. Recall that Biomutant is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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