TEAMGROUP at Computex 2021: storage for everyone!

The Taiwanese brand TEAMGROUP, playing at home, prepares a series of products to show at Computex 2021

Memory brand TEAMGROUP is returning to COMPUTEX 2021 with all its sub-brands with renewed strength. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to ravage the world, COMPUTEX organizers have canceled the physical exhibit and switched to a dual platform online exhibit (starting today, 5/31/2021 and ending 6/30 / 2021). As a Taiwanese brand, TEAMGROUP is thrilled to launch three well-rounded storage solutions concurrently at this year’s COMPUTEX online show. The three product themes are “heat dissipation“, “large storage capacity” e “DDR5“, Which correspond to the TEAMGROUP slogan for the 2021 online expo:“ Chill the Heat, Feel the Speed, Make it Big ”. The exhibition will unveil TEAMGROUP’s all-round solutions and consumers will be able to get a first glimpse of TEAMGROUP’s exciting video showcase on its official social media pages and COMPUTEX dual online platforms. TEAMGROUP’s 2021 showcase begins with the theme of “heat dissipation”, followed by “large storage capacity” and, finally, the new generation of “DDR5”.

TEAMGROUP @ Computex 2021: innovative material design with industry-leading “heat dissipation” technology

M.2 PCIe SSDs incur throttling problems when they are operated at high speeds for long periods of time. TEAMGROUP offers heat dissipation solutions made with innovative materials, such as i patented heat sinks with aluminum fins, i patented ultra-thin graphene heat sinks and the heat sinks in aerospace ceramics, all of which can significantly improve cooling.

L‘SSD T-FORCE CARDEA A440 PCIe 4.0 is the first in the industry to incorporate two patented heat sinks, offering the benefits of an aluminum heat sink and an ultra-thin graphene heat sink all in one solution to give you the choice of your preferred cooling method. If you have a motherboard that supports PCIe M.2 SSD interface, the CARDEA A440 PCIe4.0 SSD can offer the right cooling solution, which allows gamers to choose the best heatsink to suit their needs. This unique offering shows TEAMGROUP’s ingenuity in design.

T-FORCE’s research and development team created the Dell‘SSD CARDEA Ceramic C440 with innovative aerospace ceramic materials. Ceramic heat sinks not only provide better cooling (high dissipation capacity, no heat build-up and direct heat dissipation), they are also thin, light and resistant to electromagnetic interference, high temperatures and thermal shock. The heat sink of the C440 it is only about 1 mm thick, which eliminates many structural installation problems. The CARDEA Ceramic SSD elevates the gaming experience and efficiency of everyday work while illuminating desktops with its elegant white and gold finish.

TEAMGROUP at Computex 2021: storage for everyone!

TEAMGROUP @ Computex 2021: huge storage capacity and solves the problem of insufficient space

Nowadays, the data crammed into storage is growing exponentially. To solve the problem of insufficient storage space, TEAMGROUP looks ahead, launching large capacity memories, solid state drives and memory cards for consumers around the world. T-FORCE’s R&D team continually pushes past limitations by introducing higher frequency memory and larger memory capacities.

TEAMGROUP at Computex 2021: storage for everyone!

During this year’s COMPUTEX, the T-FORCE team stands targeting Intel and AMD HEDT platforms (high-end desktops) high-end that require ultra-high performance processing by flipping T-FORCE XTREEM ARGB DDR4-3600MHz CL18-22-22 -42 Kit of 8 256GB ultra-high capacity memory modules (8 x 32GB). The T-FORCE XTREEM ARGB won the Red Dot Design Award for its wonderful mirror finish and brilliant lighting that penetrates the heat spreader and creates a dazzling layered effect. Meet the large capacity requirements of high-end workstations, video and audio editing, and scientific computing. The XTREEM ARGB is also the best choice for gamers looking for maximum memory performance.

TEAMGROUP at Computex 2021: storage for everyone!

In an age of flash stacking technology research, read / write capacity and performance are the primary specs consumers look for when choosing an SSD. L’SSD MP34Q M.2 PCIe, presented at the expo, is equipped with the latest QLC 3D flash memory and offers up to 8TB of storage while featuring a small form factor, meeting the storage and compute requirements for artificial intelligence. In addition to having one transfer rates of over 3000MB per second, the MP34Q M.2 PCIe SSD has low power consumption, earthquake resistance and quiet operation, making it the best choice for high capacity and performance SSDs. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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