Biomutant: released a new gameplay video

Biomutant, the long-awaited action rpg developed by Experiment 101, was recently shown in a new gameplay video that explains its mechanics

Experiment 101 shared a new Biomutant gameplay video, his highly anticipated title coming this month to PC and consoles. The game was announced back in 2017 and managed to attract the attention of the public thanks to a colorful style and an interesting mix of open world mechanics and frenetic combat.

The new Biomutant gameplay video lasts 12 minutes

Game Informer shared a new gameplay video by Biomutant. In the video, lasting about 12 minutes, you can examine all the game dynamics that will make up the experience. The debut feature of Experiment 101 is envisioned as an open world title with strong role-playing components. In addition to exploring the map, in fact, the protagonist will be able to deepen a vast skill tree and equip different types of equipment with different characteristics.

The combat system, on the other hand, seems to be doing the trick for Ratchet & Clank, mainly because of the numerous guns that you can use during the adventure. There will be a large slew of sidearms, however. Should you opt for the plus approach hack and slash, in fact, Biomutant seems to remember Devil May Cry instead. Also very interesting is the possibility of change the class of the protagonist, which can take many different forms, obviously endowed with different characteristics and abilities. This, in all likelihood, will also impact the way the player explores the game map.

Biomutant prefigures itself an ambitious and interesting title. Its characteristics are borrowed from other better known classics, but the amalgamation seems successful and who knows that the game is not able to surprise us. If you want to buy it at a discounted price, you could take a look at Instant-Gaming. The game is out May 25 its PlayStation, Xbox e PC. To be always informed about the world of technology and video games, however, continue to follow us on

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