Returnal: how to unlock the secret ending

A week after its release, we continue to talk about Returnal and its twisted storyline, and today we want to explain to you how to unlock the secret ending of the game

Considering Returnal’s dark and mysterious mood, it’s no surprise that Housemarque’s kids’ game also has a secret ending. Despite the defeat of the boss, in fact, the game continues just as it started to give players the opportunity to complete it. This means that, besides the main story, there is much more to discover on the planet Atropos. Between additional cutscenes, sequences and secrets to unearth, the game never ceases to amaze. In this regard, today we want to explain to you how to unlock the secret ending in Returnal.

Surprise ending – Returnal: how to unlock the secret ending

That’s right, in order not to miss anything, the Housemarque guys have hidden a secret ending in the game, unlockable through a few simple steps. To unlock Returnal’s secret ending you need first beat the final boss, and then finish the game. This means that once Ophion is defeated, you will have completed i sei biomi that will serve our purpose. Once the game is over, we will wake up as usual on the ship impact site Helios to begin Act 3. Although this new beginning may seem the same as the others, you will notice that there are new objects scattered around the biomes called Solar Fragments which we will need to get the real ending of the game.

The steps to follow to reach the goal are as follows:

  • Complete the game
  • Collect all six Solar Fragments
  • Watch the final house sequence to get the car keys
  • Defeat the final boss again
  • Unlock the Sedan

Once these steps have been completed you will be able to witness the real ending of the game.

Returnal: how to unlock the secret ending

Step by step – Returnal: how to unlock the secret ending

As already mentioned, in Act 3 of Returnal you will find some new items called Solar Fragments. In total there are six fragments to be collected for each biome, in order to proceed with the next step. Since the generation of maps is random, it is not possible to explain exactly where to find each biome. What you need to know, though, is that there is one hidden for everyone. This means that you will have to search the game world thoroughly to get them all. Fortunately, Solar Fragments are permanent items and will not be lost upon death. Once you have all six fragments, Selene will comment on your “feat” saying that the item is finally complete. With all six fragments in hand, then, it’s time to head to the house and complete the entire sequence that awaits you. Remember that in order to unlock this sequence, you must have completed all the previous ones related to the house. To confirm that you have seen them all, check that the house has “locked you out”.

Then, when you have completed the house sequences, collected all the fragments, reached the house and completed the last available sequence, you will get the car keys. Once you have this key item (sorry for the sad pun) in the inventory, you will have to defeat the final boss again. Once you have hit Ophion, dive into the crater once more.

Returnal: how to unlock the secret ending

A worthy conclusion

Once you dive into the crater left by Ophion, you will have to follow the bright headlights to reach the abandoned Sedan you probably passed on your first run. Use your car keys to unlock the Sedan door and get ready to enjoy the true (secret) ending of Returnal. At this point you will see a final cutscene and have really finished the main story of the game.

Returnal is available now on PlayStation 5 at a price of € 79.99. We hope that this guide on how to unlock the secret ending of Returnal has been of help to you and as always we remind you to stay connected on for further guides, reviews, news and much more. Furthermore, we remind you to consult the Instant Gaming catalog for always discounted games. Ciao!