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Biomutant review (PS5): next gen mutation

In this review we discover together the next gen (PS5) version of Biomutant, a more refined version of the fun and fascinating but imperfect open world odyssey

Biomutant is a action RPG open world in nature developed by Experiment 101 e, published by THQ Nordic are PC, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One, last 25 May 2021 (here you will find our complete review). What we tried is the version next-genper PlayStation 5. For owners of the last generation versions, the upgrade to the new consoles is free.

A little over a year after its original launch, in what is now the old genBiomutant shows up on the new consoles, offering several performance modes and an improved glance but, bringing nothing else to the base title, taking with it its previous technical limitations.

Graphic improvements and more

The new version of the game will offer three different graphics modes, among which the player can choose: fidelity modewith native images a 4K locked to 30 frames per second, the performance modecon 60 frames per second at the resolution of 1440pand finally the “quality unleashed” mode, which promises from 40 a 60 frames per second at dynamic resolution 4K. We just have to choose the one most congenial to us and throw ourselves at new or for the first time in this adventure.

The improvements made by the version PS5 they also extend beyond the images, with the adaptive trigger support he was born in feedback aptico which add a level of immersion that wasn’t there before. The sound of guns firing, swords sharpening the air and jumping from surface to surface are all transmitted through the controller DualSense.

A nice feature that Biomutant boasts is the cross rescue support with version PS4 of the game, this means that it is possible take up again from where it left off as soon as you update to the PS5 version of Biomutant.

Biomutant review (PS5): next gen mutation

The World Without Humans – Biomutant Review (PS5)

For those who have never heard of it and now find themselves having to decide whether to buy it or not, let’s do a quick summary. The world has been ravaged by toxic sewage and from this contamination beings were born living mutated.

In this wild Worldcontaminated by radiation and many other dangers, our “biomutants”, A little furry creature who, after experiencing traumatic events at an early age, finds himself having to punch his own destiny. He will have to choose whether to devote himself to evil and wish for the complete destruction of the world or to act for good, saving it from the jaws of the terrible “Eater”.

Biomutant, immediately makes it clear that even before being a action has a soul RPG. In fact we will have to choose the main features of our little animal, also changing its physical characteristics. Making the character harder we will have a more stocky appearance, while preferring theagility will have longer legs and will be slender by opting for the intellect will have a larger skull, up to the color of the fur.

Biomutant review (PS5): next gen mutation

Classes, Tribes and Decisions to Make – Biomutant Review (PS5)

You can choose up to cinque different classes: Dead-Eye, Commando, Psi-freak, Saboteur e Sentinel. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages, in addition to the exclusive equipment (two-handed swords, dual wields, pistols, assault rifles and so on) there is not much to worry about, in fact by leveling up, it will be possible to build your own character as you see fit, without being tied to the initial choice. The ability to customize the character does not end there, there are additional powers (green toxic vomit that contaminates an area, for example) and other psychics (fireballs and glowing orbs).

During our adventure, we will be called to make several decisions, to choose with which one tribe ally usand many other “crossroads”, some apparently totally superficial, but each of them will increase one of the two categories giving us access to unique skills, as well as lead us to one of the different endings.

Unfortunately the storytelling of Biomutant suffers from one direction mediocre cinematicthe game was made by 20 people, and it’s clearly visible from the cuts made to everything that such a small team couldn’t handle. This lack of resources it is revealed then also in combatwhich is fluid and at times pleasant, but completely lacking in physicality and heaviness.

The flaw perhaps greater is the lack of a real feedback of the blows, which seem to be slashing in the air, not to mention when you realize that any enemy of size medium-large is best tackled by distant with firearms he gives Neighbor taking advantage of the arsenal we have available.

Biomutant review (PS5): next gen mutation


Despite these flaws, Biomutant asserts itself as a Open-world action RPG, largely entertaining thanks to its unique setting, multi-class creation system and relaxing exploratory rhythms. The glance was also really good on the previous generation of consoles. Now with l’upgrade next gen all this is amplified even more, improving one of the strengths of the game.

A bit’ anonymous the sound sector, unlike the narrator, a voiceover that will always tell us what is happening in the world. Note the presence of subtitles and audio dubbed entirely in Italian language.

If you haven’t bought the game on last generation consoles, it probably won’t be the next-gen version that will convince you. However, we give due credit to the development teamextremely contained, which has managed to come up with a real miracle. For this reason, it is possible to turn a blind eye and give it one chance. In case you want to buy some games at an advantageous price, we suggest you take a look at the many offers on Instant Gaming.

What do you think of this next-gen version of Experiment 101’s open world title? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on TechGameWorld.com.

Points in favor

  • Captivating and well characterized game world
  • Excellent Italian localization
  • Deep and very varied creation system
  • Choices that influence the story

Points against

  • It keeps the technical limits of the old gen version
  • Mediocre film direction
  • Combat system