BioShock 4: leak on the game’s setting and the announcement for 2022

A BioShock 4 leak reveals how the game announcement could be expected very soon, along with further details regarding the story and setting

That of BioShock is a saga much loved by gamers, and for some time now they have been waiting for the arrival of a new chapter, after the brackets they had with the various DLCs and expansions of BioShock Infinite and the remasters of the first two titles. Two years ago, there was confirmation from 2K Games start of production of what has been provisionally called BioShock 4. Development had been entrusted to Cloud Chamber, which had however stated several times that the title was being worked on by a longer time than it might seem. After a long period of silence, a new Twitter leak could reveal not only how the announcement of Bioshock 4 it could happen soon, but also the setting of the game.

The setting of BioShock 4 and the date of the announcement of the game

On Twitter, a user shared some details about Bioshock 4, showing a logo and possible official name, BioShock Isolation. The new chapter would be built on Unreal Engine 5, news already leaked through previous hiring announcements published by the Cloud Chamber studio in recent months. Various veterans of Irrational Games will also be working on this new game, which has already contributed to the creation of BioShock and BioShock Infinite, as well as other recent titles that, however, have not always excelled in the technical sector, such as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Mafia 3, Watch Dogs: Legion.

In addition, a slide is also released in the leak which may have been used for presentation of the new game, characterized by the existence of two cities, one placed above the other, within a dystopian setting. The city on top would consist of a free and wealthy society, led by a successful entrepreneur.

The underlying one is instead described as an isolated city, separated from the one above it, dominated by a dictator eager for vertical warfare. The point that separates the two cities, called the “flipside zone”, is also the most critical one, which suffers the constant ongoing conflict between the two companies. Finally, always within the leak on the game, in addition to the setting there is also the revelation of a possible window in which the announcement of BioShock 4 will arrive: we are talking about the first three months of 2022.

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