BioShock 4: rumor leads to Antarctica as the setting for the new city

Rumors continue about BioShock 4 ahead of The Game Awards 2021, and the latest rumors refer to a city that will find its setting within the inhospitable Antarctica

After officially announcing the start of production of BioShock 4 in 2019, this new title has inevitably suffered an increasing number of leak, rumor and hypothesis. These were mainly related to the possible settings and the story that the title would have following the departure of Ken Levine, the original creator of the saga. Born in 2007, the series has achieved a prominent position among first-person shooters, and the favor of a large slice of videogame users. For this reason, it is not strange that the news regarding the next chapter is a strong object of attention for the fans; now, a new leak seems to reveal how the city featured in BioShock 4 will have a setting located in Antarctica.

The glacial setting for the city of BioShock 4

Finding ourselves in the month of The Game Awards 2021, it is normal to see an unusually intense number of announcements and revelations, and for this reason players often find themselves discussing all kinds of news and rumors that are spread on the web. Among them, a few days ago there was also the one from a user on Twitter, who told how BioShock 4 would have had a fusion of the ideologies dealt with in the previous games, and would have been set in two cities: one on the surface, ruled by a successful businessman, and one underground, ruled by a power-hungry dictator. In addition, this new title would take an open world twist.

BioShock 4: rumor leads to Antarctica as the setting for the new city

However, more news regarding BioShock 4 has just arisen from journalist and former IGN member Colin Moriarty within his Patreon podcast, Sacred Symbols. He argues how BioShock 4 could take a different path from what has been expressed in recent days, and this time the details revealed are also supported by some information that the VGC site would have obtained on the title.

For the reporter, BioShock 4 will be held in 1960, with the icy setting of Antarctica, inside a city called “Borealis”. The narrative part of the title will connect with previous works in the series, and the developer Cloud Chamber would aim for a release in 2022. The code name would seem “Parkside”, and the project was kept very secret by the studio. In fact, the team understands how the expectations placed on the new chapter are definitely influenced by the works created by Ken Levine, and it is therefore very determined in the success of the game.

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