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BioShock 4: some development problems could postpone the official reveal

BioShock 4 has been in development for several years but the situation seems gray and the revelation of the game could slip further

We know from 2019 that BioShock 4 is under development at Cloud Chamber but lately they are having various problems that could slip the official reveal of the game. At the moment, many details about the game are still missing and the recent updates in this regard do not bode well. The latest rumors, which spoke of narrative and game settingclaimed that the title would be officially unveiled in 2022, but it seems that some recent development problems have complicated the plans.

BioShock 4 development is not going as planned

On Twitter, leaker @oopsleaks, who said in previous rumors that BioShock 4 would be called BioShock Isolationrecently stated that development of the long-awaited sequel has encountered some major obstacles. Among them, Cloud Chamber would have lost as many as 40 developers, some of whom left the studio on their own initiative, while others were said to have been fired “for various reasons” unknown. Furthermore, The leaker says that 2K Games is not satisfied with the progress made so far and the pace at which the development of the game is moving, which has led to a “slight restructuring” of the company.

Given the situation, the studio has started hiring new employees and, although the title’s launch is still scheduled for the end of 2024, the announcement date has apparently been postponed. As always, no rumor is official so you have to take this information with a grain of salt, especially considering that 2K Games and Cloud Chamber themselves have said almost nothing about BioShock 4 since they confirmed that it is in development. We just have to wait for new information about it to find out more.

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