Bioshock: What we know about the film’s release on Netflix

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Bioshock, the famous video game, will become a film on Netflix: let’s take stock of the situation together on everything we know so far about this project

Bioshock is a video game that needs little introduction, initially released in 2007 for Windows and X Box, then arrived on PlayStation 3 in the following year. The complete saga consists of three chapters, with the mechanics of an RPG, but played in single player in first person. The news last year of a film in production on this series of video games has literally driven fans crazy.

Bioshock: il trailer del film su Netflix

The film will be produced by Netflix which, together with the news, also broadcast a teaser trailer of this project which is actually still under production. In the trailer you can see images of settings, but no details on the characters and their development are yet understood.

Bioshock: uscita su Netflix

At the moment the news we have about the film for Netflix is ​​related to the production of the film and its direction. The film will be directed by Francis Lawrence, well-known director of the saga of The Hunger Games and I Am Legend with Will Smith. The screenplay will be in the hands of Michael Green, who dealt with Blade Runner 2049. Excellent names therefore for the management of direction and screenplay, but what makes everyone really intrepid is knowing the main cast, or rather the difficult choice of the protagonists. About a year after the announcement of the film’s production for Netflix, they still don’t know each other, not only about the cast, but not even about the development of the plot.

Bioshock: uscita su Netflix

The thing that interests us together with the cast is certainly the release date of the film on the Netflix platform, which unfortunately is not yet known. Production delays are hampering the release of much of the news that fans usually care about. So the wait increases and so does the curiosity: we just have to be patient and be amazed by this new project.

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