Dune: Chapter 3 confirmed

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It is now certain, Dune 3 will be done. The confirmation of a trilogy would come directly from director Denis Villeneuve

As we prepare for the highly anticipated release of Dune – Part Due, another good news has leaked directly from the top of the production. Director Denis Villeneuve gave great news to fans, confirming not only that Dune will become a trilogybut what Chapter 3 is already under development.

Dune: Chapter 3 confirmed

New Project Coming Soon | Dune: Chapter 3 confirmed

Also Deadline spoke about the confirmation of a new, third chapter. In fact, the site reported that a continuation of Dune 2 had already been put in the pipeline some time ago, in order to create a trilogy. Deadline isn’t alone in confirming this release, either World of Reel he dwelt on the news, arguing that “This is what Denis says, this is the plan!”

After all, many believed that the director was willing to continue with the realization of this project. This is also thanks to his past statements: “I’ve always seen that there could be a trilogy, then we’ll see. It’s been years of work, I can’t think of going any further.”

Looking forward to the second chapter

Fans of the saga can therefore sleep peacefully, because the adaptation, based on the novels of Frank Herbert, will continue. The second chapter has already been anticipated by a trailer, published by Warner Bros. Villeneuve is also working on a TV series, Dune: The Sisterhoodwritten by Jon Spaihts, which will have at the center of the narrative the Bene Gesserit, an order of women able to control the political organization thanks to their great ability to control the body and mind.

We remind you that the second chapter of Dune will arrive in theaters on November 1, 2023 and will see the return of Timothée Chalametas Paul Atreides and of Zendaya, in those of Chani. For now the news in our possession ends here, but we can’t wait to understand what the next developments will be, and of course, let you know!

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