Biostar announces the new X670E VALKYRIE motherboard

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The best AMD AM5 motherboard for gamers and content creators, let’s discover together the newcomer to BIOSTAR

BIOSTARa leading brand in the production of motherboards, graphics cards and storage devices, announces the new motherboard X670E VALKYRIE ATX. Designed on the basis of the chipset AMD X670X670E VALKYRIE supports all new processors AMD AM5 Ryzen 7000capable of delivering unprecedented performance for gaming, content creation or any other computing task.

Biostar announces the new X670E VALKYRIE motherboard

The style of the VALKYRIE top-shelf range

The X670E VALKYRIE motherboard brings with it the style of the range top-shelf VALKYRIE, with a strong emphasis on performance and cooling. Support for RAM DDR5, PCIe 5.0 e PCIe 5.0 M.2, are essential features for any high-end motherboard in 2022. The new X670E VALKYRIE has it all, with exceptional performance and synergies thanks to the high-end power design. 22 fasie to technology Digital PWM.

BIOSTAR has also paid particular attention to the choice of inductors and capacitors, opting for the Super Durable solid and choke capacitorshighly efficient and reliable, offering exceptional performance thanks to proprietary technology Dr. MOS da 105A.

In addition, features such as durable power connectors and iron slot protection, the protection of the M.2 cooling and PCB board Moisture proof adds an extra layer of durability to the system for long lasting performance.

Biostar announces the new X670E VALKYRIE motherboard

Extensive connectivity and expansion capabilities

Equipped with a large connectivity and expansion capacity, with prominent features such as USB 3.2 Gen2x2 Type-C, HDMI 2.1 and Display 1.4 in the rear I / O panel, making it highly versatile for any user preference. Furthermore, i 2 new PCI-E 5.0 x16 slots, offer the best support for any latest generation graphics card, power hungry and designed to achieve maximum performance for gaming and graphics intensive workloads.

X670E VALKYRIE motherboard is also supported by the feature SMART BIOS Update, which allows users to keep the BIOS up to date without any hassle. In conclusion, it is the best based motherboard AM5 on the market for gamers, content creators or even tech enthusiasts who want to build their next bestial computer that will be the envy of their rivals. For more information, visit the dedicated website.

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