BIOSTAR: here is the Z690A-SILVER motherboard

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BIOSTAR unveils the Z690A-SILVER motherboard, the best mid-range gaming motherboard available on the market

BIOSTARleading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and devices of archivingintroduces the brand new motherboard Z690A-SILVER. Designed to unlock the maximum potential of the chipset Intel® Alder Lake Z690the Z690A-SILVER motherboard carries new brilliant features on your desktop, packed with unhindered potential.

BIOSTAR: here is the Z690A-SILVER motherboard

Z690A-SILVER: PCIe 5.0 takes center stage

PCIe 5.0 takes center stage in the Z690A-SILVER motherboard, with data rates reaching up to 128 Gb / s. Get maximum performance from the latest graphics cards with PCIe 5.0 supported by Intel’s ultra-powerful processors 12a generation. Take your games to the next level with BIOSTAR’s brand new motherboard.

The Z690A-SILVER motherboard supports up to 4 DIMM from RAM DDR4 high speed capable of overclockare numbers greater than 5000+Mhz (OC). Also, features like PCIe M.2 4.0, USB 3.2 GEN2 TYPE-A e C offer excellent utility for users.

BIOSTAR: here is the Z690A-SILVER motherboard

BIOSTAR: hardware security

BIOSTAR promises one hardware security higher for all components supported by their Dr.MOS, for heavy duty and proprietary technology Digital PWM designed to keep all hardware components safe while providing efficient and stable current throughout the motherboard.

When it comes to style, the Z690A-SILVER motherboard carries elements of badges design of its predecessors, such as the elegant color palette argento e nero, which is a fan favorite. Furthermore, the technology “LED ROCK ZONE-RGB SYNC”Allows users a full range of lighting customization RGB. Using the software VIVID LED DJusers can customize glight effects on the motherboard and externally connected RGB light strips which can be easily installed on the motherboard using headers 5V e 12V provided.

BIOSTAR: here is the Z690A-SILVER motherboard


An added bonus for average users, allowing them to make major changes to the system BIOS painless and risk-free. Meanwhile, the latest BIOSTAR driver utility tool, “Smart-Update“, Helps users install and update drivers with just a few clicks with relative ease on the official website.

The Z690A-SILVER packs all the essential elements into its panel Rear I / O. Designed with 8 porte USB, consisting of 1 door USB 3.2 (Gen2) Type-C, 5 porte USB 3.2 (Gen2) e 2 USB 2.0 port for extremely versatile compatibility with any USB device. Additionally, a single 1 x PS / 2 keyboard / mouse port provides additional connectivity for connecting an older device to the system.

In addition, 2 doors for antenna WiFi they support WiFi 6 and a single door LAN powered by the chipset Realtek RTL8125B are readily available for faster Internet connectivity.

BIOSTAR: here is the Z690A-SILVER motherboard

Z690A-SILVER: best technologies in an affordable package

A single door DVI-Da door DP-Out and a door HDMI 2.0 capable of supporting crystal clear images up to 4k. Providing essential video output capabilities, coupled with three powerful chipset-controlled audio ports ALC1220Z690A-SILVER motherboard can provide you with an audio visual experience immersive Without precedents.

In conclusion, the Z690A-SILVER motherboard offers some of the best technologies in a affordable package. Gamers and content creators can extract all the utility and technology packed into this motherboard for one benefit extreme in the desired use to a prezzo incredible. Elegant in design, powerful in implementation, the Z690A-SILVER is truly one beauty it’s a beastall in one complete package.

More information on Z690A-SILVER can be found on the official BIOSTAR website.

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