Renault Qstomize takes over from Renault Tech

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Renault is pushing the business with industrial solutions and renamed its Renault Tech division to Renault Qstomize. The after-sales division, which deals with the customization and conversion of the group’s vehiclesthus expanding its range and expanding the service in other countries.

With the new name, the French manufacturer wants to concentrate better on the independent division which is responsible for the individual adaptation of the Renault Group vehicles. In addition to converting in individual business models, driving school vehicles or limited editions, Qstomize mainly adapts commercial vehicles to customers’ special needs. The division’s specialists also customize entire company fleets to the customer’s request.

Qstomize, customization takes place directly in the Renault factories

The Qstomize personalization division plans to add more complex conversions to their portfolio in the future. The conversion workshops will be located directly in the Renault factories to reduce transport costs and delivery routes.

Modifications such as a flatbed chassis Renault Kangoo or mobile workshop vehicles will soon be supplemented by others and included in the catalog. The vehicles can then be ordered directly through the sales network of the various brands.

The manufacturer has also set itself the goal of doubling production, by 2035, to 30,000 conversions per year. In addition to the workshops in France, Spain, Slovenia, Turkey, Morocco and Romania, the service is expected to become available in six other countries in three years.

It is an important day because the new name, Qstomize, marks a turning point for the Renault Group’s After Sales Department. By expanding our geographic perimeter and our service offering to more complex set-ups, we will further improve our contribution to the Group’s performance, responding better and better to our customers’ satisfaction, he said. Hakan Dogu, World After Sales SVP of the Renault Group.

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