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In the NVIDIA Studio: New weekly series

“In the NVIDIA Studio” updates are starting, your weekly dose of creative news

“It has never been so easy or exciting to create digital art and the ecosystem NVIDIA Studio“, So the colossus of Santa Clara has decided to provide tools and functionalities that exploit both artificial intelligence and RTX technologies that artists use to bring their creative visions to life very quickly.

“In the NVIDIA Studio” is a new weekly series that celebrates these artists, their work and the innovative techniques that can inspire the next generation of creators. Weekly updates will be found at the following site. Through these blogs, we will also share the latest news and benefits of the Studio ecosystem – exclusive app updates for NVIDIA Omniverse, Canvas e Broadcast; new tools and integrations into popular creative software, including AI-assisted features that handle the most mundane tasks by freeing up bandwidth and ads for the hottest products.

In the NVIDIA Studio: New weekly series

In this new moment dedicated to the world NVIDIA Studio will also provide information on the new drivers. This week we start with the artist 3D Jasmin Habezai-Fekri: his amazing art is created with Unreal Engine, Blender and Substance 3D, using a GPU GeForce RTX 2070. Its render speeds are increased on RTX GPUs in Blender, while Unreal Engine benefits from DLSS, increasing the interactivity of the viewport by using AI to upscale frames rendered at a lower resolution, while retaining all details.

  • Resources and links that can offer added value include:
  • The series by artist and Adobe creative director Vladimir Petkovic “From texturing to final rendering in Adobe Substance Painter”.
  • Improved rendering performance with “GPU Accelerated Rendering in Blender 3.0 Cycles”.
  • Profilo ArtStation at Jasmin Habezai-Fekri
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