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Black Friday, an unmissable opportunity to save on Tech accessories

As every year, with the month of November comes the incredible savings opportunities of Black Friday. An all-American promotional event that has now become customary in our country as well

This is the right opportunity to be able to seize unmissable offers that make products and articles of all kinds even more accessible, with deep discounts that can even reach 50%.

For the Tech sector, this is the ideal time to purchase long-needed accessories such as power banks, car chargers, latest generation protective glass for your smartphone or headphones with Bluetooth technology.

The history and origins of Black Friday

When we talk about Black Friday we immediately imagine the long queues, from the early hours of the morning, of people who want to enter American department stores as soon as possible to buy any kind of product available at prices never seen before.

But how did all this start? Where does this initiative that appears exclusively commercial derive from? It is an event of American origins that traditionally takes place on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday of November).

It was conceived for the first time by the Macy’s department store, still present today in the USA, in 1924. The idea was to anticipate the start of Christmas shopping by a few days.

It was a particular period for the United States of America because the well-being of the nation had reached a very high level, so much so that we speak of the Roaring Twenties. In all the shops of the chain, extraordinary and unprecedented discounts were offered which attracted thousands of customers ready to buy items they probably weren’t even interested in, just because they could save a lot.

This initiative was so successful that other commercial chains decided to take the same path up to the present day. Black Friday’s success peaked during the 1980s when it became a national event.

However, the reason for this name is not clear, so much so that there are different schools of thought: some believe that it is due to the fact that the great movement of people who storm the shops literally paralyzes American cities, making that day a “black day”.

Others refer to the historic Black Friday of the companies, still others believe that the term Black Friday was coined to highlight how, thanks to this event, the annual budget of the shops veers towards the positive sign in terms of earnings, traditionally indicated with the black colour.

Take advantage of Black Friday to buy Tech sector accessories

There has been a very strong growth in the technology sector thanks to the push of devices that allow you to have more and more services and to share everything that is conceivable.

Smartphones, tablets and smartwatches are now part of people’s lives and it is no longer conceivable to do without them. In fact, the large companies in the sector have decided to offer the market a wide range of accessories that further optimize their functionality, such as power banks.

The powerbank is in fact an additional battery that can be used in an emergency to recharge any device such as a smartphone or tablet, but also a laptop, via a USB cable.

Today there are power banks that offer great functionality and reliability and this is very useful also and above all for people who have to use mobile devices for work reasons and find themselves away from home with the charge finished.

The 10,000 mAh TUNIT powerbank, for example, allows you to wirelessly recharge a wide range of compatible devices, as in the case of Apple-branded products with particular reference to iPhones.

Among other things, recharging takes place quickly and simply because it is sufficient to place your device on the surface of the powerbank without having to connect any cables. Furthermore, for those who want to minimize bulk, it is also possible to purchase the Slim version, also with 10,000 mAh, which is also capable of charging 2 devices simultaneously.

To give an idea of ​​how useful this accessory is in everyday life, it is enough to think that one recharge allows you to carry out two and a half recharge cycles of a classic iPhone.

Many accessories for every eventuality at unbeatable prices

The discounts offered during Black Friday allow you to buy many types of accessories for the technology sector. This particular time of year is the right time, for example, to buy a traditional battery charger that is no longer included in the sales packages of a smartphone or tablet.

There are items of all kinds, for example, useful for charging Apple Watch products or for wireless charging of all items made by Apple.

At this time of the year, taking advantage of the potential of Black Friday, it is also possible to think about the purchase of other types of products, such as the wireless charging base for recharging both devices that have the iOS operating system and those with Android.

Equally useful are the car chargers that allow you to recharge your smartphone, perhaps during a trip, and have it ready and running to fulfill any need.

The Tunit brand offers them on the market in an interesting 40 W double recharge version. This allows, in a few minutes, to reach 100% of the charge and to be able to power two devices simultaneously.

There are also many other accessories, for example those used to protect the smartphone or tablet from any risk of breakage such as iPhone covers, protective glass or solutions designed specifically for laptops.

They are very valid products because they keep the characteristics of the touch screen unchanged, which at the same time is protected from excessive wear.

Another highly sought-after category of accessories are headphones and especially AirPods. To date, the most used headphones are those with a Bluetooth connection, therefore without cables and wires.

This means being able to listen to music keeping your smartphone at a distance, answer the phone, listen to voice and non-voice messages and manage the volume, play function and much more with a simple gesture.

Thanks to the Black Friday discounts for the technology sector, these products, which have a decidedly high cost, will be much more accessible and within everyone’s reach, albeit for a fairly short period.