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Greta Gerwig and Netflix for the future of Narnia?

Four years after the first rumors, it seems that there is finally some news regarding the universe of Narnia, owned by Netflix, it seems that Greta Gerwig is involved

Back in 2018, the queen streaming platform of the world announced that it had entered into a multi-year agreement with The C.S. Lewis Company.

This agreement guaranteed the streaming platform the possibility of making series and films based on the beloved fantasy saga.

It seems that during the past year, Netflix has contacted a series of directors, without however reaching any kind of agreement with them.

However these days a rumor is circulating around, according to which just Greta Gerwig is the predestined as regards the direction of two films on The Chronicles of Narnia.

It’s still just rumors, there’s nothing confirmed or clarified yet.

It is not yet known whether this direction will actually end up in his hands and even, if so, which stories it will be.

Not even Netflix has made any statements about it.

Greta Gerwig and Netflix for the future of Narnia?

Greta Gerwig and her works so far

Greta Gerwig is a fairly well-regarded actress, screenwriter and director. To date she has dealt with films such as Little Women, Lady Bird e Mistress America.

We should see her in the film later this year White Noisealso produced by Netflix, where he will play Babbette.

It is an original Netflix film whose release is expected for December and it will almost certainly be possible to see it in the cinema for a short time in America.

In the director’s next projects, in addition to potential Chronicles of Narniawe have Barbie by Warner Bros with Margot Robbie as the protagonist, and then the discussed Disney’s Snow White live actionplanned for 2024.

We hope to soon have confirmations and general news on the future of Narnia and Gerwig in general.

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