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Black Myth WuKong: released a new trailer and announced the release period

Black Myth WuKong returns to the limelight with a new trailer, the developer also announced the relative release period

The developer Game Science announced that the RPG based on Chinese folklore Black Myth: WuKong he will see his own exit in the summer of 2024also a new and singular was also released trailer of the game. The bizarre two-minute short (find it below) shows a young rabbit trying to install the Game Science title on an outdated PC, before it falls apart and he’s forced to buy another one.

After finally installing the game, however, only a countdown appears and, years later, the elderly rabbit can finally see Black Myth: WuKong in action.

Black Myth WuKong: here is the new bizarre trailer and the release period

In the trailer one was not provided exit date more accurate for Black Myth WuKongoutside the generic summer window 2024, but this confirms at least approximately when fans will be able to get their hands on the highly anticipated RPG. Black Myth: WuKong was first announced nearly three years ago in February 2020, and Game Science kept quiet for a while, releasing the latest update in August 2022.

The game is based on Chinese folklore established in 16th century romance Journey to the Westtelling the classic legend of the Monkey King, all in Unreal Engine 5. The original trailer for Black Myth: WuKong was incredibly popular and attracted the attention of the trade press and the community, but the developers promised they would not get carried away by the hype and they would simply focus on making a good game.

We will keep you updated on all future developments in this regard. In the meantime, always stay tuned on everything for all the news and curiosities from the gaming world and beyond. Finally, for i discount video game download codeswe invite you to take a look at the store.

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