Blizzard: There would be another new unannounced game

Journalist Jez Corden claims to have heard rumors regarding another new Blizzard Entertainment game, other than the one recently unveiled.

With Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, employees have come to breathe a sigh of relief. In the months leading up to this surprising event, the state of the company continued to deteriorate day by day, mainly due to numerous new scandals that continued to emerge from the words of former members of the company. Now, development teams can finally look to the future in a much more hopeful way, and focus on new projects in production.

While Activision remains focused on Call of Duty, as far as Blizzard Entertainment is concerned, players have long been waiting for new news on Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4, which they have suffered several delays due to the abandonment of important creative figures. However, these would not be the only titles in the pipeline: only last week what will be a new Triple A survival game was introduced, and according to reporter Jez Corden, Blizzard has an additional unannounced title to be revealed soon.

The as yet unannounced new Blizzard game

The details on Blizzard’s new survival game aren’t many, but only recently has it been discovered that it has already been in the works for five years. The advanced state of the game can also be deduced from the words of Mike Ybarra, head of the company who claimed to have already played it for “many hours”. However, seeing how long the construction of the new chapters of Diablo and Overwatch is taking, creating expectations for an arrival in a short time would be rather utopian. However, despite these commitments already keeping Blizzard pretty busy, there would be another new game not announced yet and about to be revealed, at least this is what is revealed by Jez Corden, reporter from Window Central.

Rand at Thor 19, during the podcast The Xbox Two, spoke with Corden tracing the rumors about Blizzard and new projects not yet announced in development. Asking the reporter if he was already aware of the new survival title, Corden replies that he hasn’t had any news of it so far. Indeed, apparently, last week he would have expected the presentation of a totally different game. Corden does not intend to anticipate anything, however, as he does not want to “create trouble for anyone”. The reporter adds that he has learned how Blizzard currently has a “strong roadmap”, and that is trying to be appreciated by users to remedy the numerous errors made in the past, as with the management of Warcraft and Starcraft. In the Blizzard studios you can now perceive a sense of optimism, which until now has been absent for many years.

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