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Block spam calls – the best apps

What are the best apps to block annoying spam calls? Let’s find out together in this dedicated article

Who hasn’t received unwanted calls in the most delicate moments of the day? Knowing how to block spam calls on your cell phone is very important if you want to avoid being disturbed on a frequent basis. The best way to block spam calls, as we’ll see, is to download an incoming call blocker app. In this way, it will be possible to automatically reject all calls received from some well-specified users. In the next paragraphs we will deal with this topic, focusing in particular on how to block iPhone and Android spam calls with the best apps available.

Block spam calls android and iPhone: how to do it

Anyone who uses an Android smartphone to block spam calls doesn’t necessarily need to download a dedicated app. This means that it is possible to proceed independently, simply by accessing the “block contacts” function. To block spam calls in this way, simply select the appropriate “contacts” icon and select the name you wish to put in blacklist. To block spam calls from a number not in the phonebook, just access the call log and press on the number you want to move to the blacklist.

Even blocking iPhone spam calls is not necessary to download an app. Proceed in the same way as with Android, by accessing the iOS contact block function. Just access the settings icon and enter the section called “blocked contacts”. At this point it will be sufficient to press on “add” and indicate the contact that you intend to block. To block spam calls from a number not in the address book, you need to select the phone app and then the number you want to blacklist.

How to block spam calls with apps

To block spam calls using apps, simply download the right one and prevent, by doing so, receiving calls from harassing numbers. The best apps are equipped with a continuously updated database of numbers considered “disturbers”, thus allowing automatic protection from calls. For Android and iOS you can download an app like Truecaller, an app that allows you to block all calls from unwanted numbers. Alternatively, you can evaluate it too Should I Answeralso for Android and iPhone, perfect for blocking anonymous calls.

There are several free apps that can provide up-to-date protection from numbers used for spam, just install them and, with a few clicks, they can immediately provide the required protection. Another valid solution is to rely on Simple Call Blockeran app designed to block calls that does not collect the user’s personal data and is completely free.

Block spam calls: alternatives to apps

As we have seen, to block spam calls you can proceed with Android and iPhone even without downloading apps. However, there is also an alternative way to apps to protect yourself from unwanted calls at various times of the day. We are talking about the constantly updated list of Guidaconsumatori which allows, by dialing the number of the call received, to immediately find out whether it is spam or not.

Consulting the list is completely free and allows you to block spam calls very easily. In short, the internet today provides various tools that allow you to protect yourself from serial jammers. A different, but often effective, approach could be to ignore calls received from unknown numbers or numbers not in the address book. After all, in case of important communications, the caller could always leave a message.

Block Spam Calls: Opposition Log

The Opposition Register is an important initiative promoted by communications regulators in many countries. It allows users to sign up for free, and provides a powerful weapon against unauthorized advertising calls. Once your number is entered in the Register, companies are obligated to comply with the request not to contact that number again for promotional purposes. To sign up for the Opposition Registersimply visit the dedicated website or call a dedicated number.

This fast, free and simple process offers significant protection against spam calls from law-abiding companies. However, it is essential to note that the Opposition Register may not block all spam calls. Some dishonest organizations may ignore requests and continue making unwanted calls. In these cases, users can report the violations to the proper authorities, who will take appropriate action against those companies.


In conclusion, the phenomenon of spam calls has become a scourge for many users. Fortunately, there are many options available to protect yourself from these unwanted calls. From blocking them through their phone settings, using specialized apps and software, to reporting them to the proper authorities, users can greatly reduce the amount of spam calls received and regain peace of mind in the management of your telephone communications.

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