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Oppenheimer: the hidden error in the new film by Christopher Nolan

Let’s find out below the error hidden in the new film by Christopher Nolan; Oppenheimer. Among the most anticipated of 2023; starring the actor Cillian Murphy

Between the most anticipated titles of 2023; here is ticking the top of the list the new film by Christopher Nolan, Oppenheimer. Intense biopic ready to break and bring great news in Nolan’s unmistakable style; hides a small mistake that has not gone unnoticed. Expected in Italian cinemas on August 23, focused on the historical figure of the American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, starring the actors Cillian Murphy e Emily Blunt.

For the more daring eager to preview the hidden error; keep reading brave.

Oppenheimer: The mistake behind the Christopher Nolan biopic

To critical acclaim; Oppenheimer turns out to be the most talked about film to date in the career covered to date by Christopher Nolan. Successful director linked to titles such as: Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk; Tenet and last but not least, the reboot focused on the de trilogy The dark Knight; this time it beats all expectations, dedicating itself to a film full of truth, pain and bitter historical reality.

However, despite the careful and meticulous aim of wanting to tell the figure of the American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer (considered one of the founding fathers of the atomic bomb); there is an error that makes the film the bearer of not indifferent historical accuracy: an American flag flying showing fifty stars. Indeed, being the film Oppenheimer set in 1945; the flag framed in a scene starring Cillian Murphy; it will not be realized until 1959, that is; when then US President Eisenhower made it official with Executive Order 10834.

Beyond this small error of historical inaccuracy; The film already seems to be in the list for the next Oscars. Written and directed by Christopher Nolan; Oppenheimer is a historical thrillerproduced by Emma ThomasCharles Roven at Atlas Entertainmentyou director Christopher Nolan himself. Shot in both IMAX 65mm and large format 65mm film; see for the first time included, sections in analog IMAX photography in black and white.

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