Bloodborne: Masaaki Yamagiwa entra a far parte on Team Ninja

Bloodborne producer Masaaki Yamagiwa has joined Team Ninja, known for making Ninja Gaiden and Nioh

Following PlayStation’s decision to close the SIE Japan Studio, in place of which the new Team Asobi has been established, many talents have chosen or have been forced to distance themselves from the company. Among these, one of the most famous names is that of Masaaki Yamagiwa, former producer for Bloodborne, who chose to pursue his career with Team Ninja. The news was made official through the publication of a post on the development studio’s Twitter profile.

Team Ninja: the details of the new studio from the producer of Bloodborne

The Team Ninja , the new home of Bloodborne producer Masaaki Yamagiwa, is a Japanese development studio, which was established in 1995 within Tecmo as an independent wing. The team that works within it is famous above all for having developed the videogame saga of Dead or Alive and the reboot series dedicated to Ninja Gaiden. Starting in 2013, in conjunction with the merger of Koei and Tecmo, Team Ninja was split into two different divisions: Ichigaya Development Group 1, led by Hayashi, and Ichigaya Development Group 2, headed by Keisuke Kikuc .

The main project on which the studio is currently working is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin and it is therefore likely that Yamagiwa is involved in its realization even if, for the moment, the role that the producer will assume at the within the group. Another project rumored to be in the works at Team Ninja is Nioh 3, so the official announcement is still missing at the moment.

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