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Blue Reflection: Second Light – The game is in development

Blue Reflection: Second Light, the second installment of 2017’s beloved JRPG, is in development. In the game you will be able to take on the role of three schoolgirls to recover lost memories and fight horrific monsters in the mysterious land of Heartscape.

Second Light is the sequel to Blue Reflection

Who he loved Blue Reflection in 2017, he’ll be happy to hear the sequel is coming: Second Light. The title is in development, but a first European release date has already been announced for November 9, 2021. The game will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (playable on PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility) and Windows PC via Steam. In the meantime, however, the developer Gust Studios, together with KOEI TECMO Europe, have officially announced the characters, the Battle system and a new location that will characterize the game.

The game’s plot is steeped in mystery

Blue Reflection: Second Light follows the adventures of three Japanese students (Ao Hoshizaki, Kokoro Utsubo and Yuki Kinjou). They find themselves mysteriously transported to a strange floating academy, looking for clues to find their way home, with only their names as memories. One day, a strange new space spreads to the periphery of the academy. Since the new earth surrounds the world the heroines inhabit, they call it “the heart of the world” and call it Heartscape. Within Heartscape, characters will be able to find ingredients to cook and materials to build, create and fight. They will also discover fragments of memory, which will be essential to discover the memories of each heroine and unravel the mystery of this world.

However Heartscape is not exactly a peaceful place to explore. In fact, the land is infested with numerous monsters and Ao and his friends will have to use the power of the rings to summon weapons, change their appearance and become Refletors.

Reflector Ability

The protagonists can transform into Reflectors, unleashing their secret powers on the enemy. During this sequence, your party and the enemy’s movements will become faster, repeating dodges and quick attacks. After connecting a defined number of combos, a super powerful attack called the One-on-One Finisher will be launched.

In addition to the main characters we also find Hiori Hirahara and Shiho Kasug. Both have lost their memories, and while Hiori seems to be looking for her “little sister”, Kokoro has the strange feeling of knowing Shiho, but can’t remember how. The new members help plan the Academy’s makeover, including the construction of a secret base. Using the tools collected on Heartscape, characters will be able to build special structures that can trigger special events.

Blue Reflection: Second Light – special editions

To celebrate the release of Blue Reflection: Second Light, a Premium Box version and a Collector’s Edition will be released. The latter will be available exclusively through the KOEI TECMO Europe Online Store. The Premium Box version of the game contains an Academy Notebook-style photo album, a deluxe fabric poster, a special CD, an exclusive DLC costume and the game, all packaged in a beautiful collector’s box.

The must-have Collector’s Edition of the game contains all the content featured in the Premium Box version, plus a canvas bag, a bath towel illustrated with artwork by Ao Hoshizaki, two mini acrylic charms and an artbook that includes original illustrations. Pre-orders for both of these versions will be available soon, with an official announcement to be made on the KOEI TECMO Europe Twitter account once pre-orders are open.

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