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Kaspersky: Spam via email and WhatsApp is on the rise

A new investigation by Kaspersky confirm the increase in the percentage of spam conveyed all over the world by e-mail during the second quarter of 2021. Compared to the previous quarter, which had registered a decrease, there is a increase of 0.89% with an average percentage of 46.56%. Cybercriminals, taking advantage of inefficiencies in the delivery industry, continue to push users to click on phishing links to steal card data and steal money.

Spam attacks via email and WhatsApp are increasing according to Kaspersky

According to the data collected by Kaspersky, Italy is confirmed in second place, behind Spain, for the number of malicious attachments blocked with an overall percentage of 6.38%. In the meantime, however, spam messages, often aimed at phishing, continue to increase on an international scale, posing a security threat.

There is a new way on the horizon for smashing phishing spam attacks. The new ploy provides spam messages sent via WhatsApp that require small amounts of money (for example to collect a prize, which is actually non-existent, already won).

Kaspersky’s comment

Tatyana Shcherbakova, Senior Web Content Analyst di Kaspersky, states: “As noted in the past, attackers are taking advantage of new trends, such as the growing use of messaging apps, and disruptions, such as postal delivery delays due to the pandemic, to steal money and credentials from users. Spam and phishing schemes are confirmed as some of the most effective methods for an attack, as they leverage the emotional reaction of the victims “

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