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Bullitt Satellite Connect, messaggi via satellite al CES 2023

LAS VEGAS – Al CES 2023 in Las Vegas we witnessed the official launch of Bullitt Satellite Connect, a two-way satellite messaging service. The solution, which allows you to stay connected, will arrive in the first quarter of 2023. Bullitt also confirmed that the next Motorola smartphone from the Defy line will be the first to support Bullitt’s satellite messaging service. From a suite at the MGM Grand hotel we tried out this new service as a preview, sending our messages into orbit.

Bullitt Satellite Connect launches at CES 2023

In the United States, over 6 billion text messages are sent every day, even though no telephone operator has more than 70% terrestrial coverage. Indeed, sixty million Americans lose connection by 25% of one’s day, for over 22 billion connection hours lost. Hundreds of lost messages every day.

Everyone has experienced the frustration of poor coverage. But especially those who work in remote areas and those who like to explore nature have experienced the lack of signal. And they are many.

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In the US alone, there are over 1.4 million security and assistance operators, over 1.8 million critical companies: the ones that help people every day. And then there are many users who love nature: 57 million climbers, 11 million hunters, 60 million campers. And still 9 million skiers, 100 million people who love the sea and go by boat. Many people lose their connection every day, especially when needed.

For all these people, a satellite connection allows you to increase security and stay in touch with the people most important to them.

Democratize the satellite connection

Bullitt explains that there are several companies that are jumping into this space. How SpaceX, which is finding agreements with some of the main telephone operators in the United States. But it will take billions of investments and years before they are operational. And then there are smartphone manufacturers like Applewhich uses a proprietary solution: according to Bullitt, this type of operation is not as scalable as the one the company showed us at CES 2023.

Bullitt, in fact, tells us he wants to democratize satellite communication, offering two-way messages to and from satellites at a competitive price. And it also wants to provide this type of solution to other companies in this sector: it wants the possibility of connecting millions of users when there is no landline to reach the hands of as many people as possible.

Come funziona Bullitt Satellite Connect

The new Bullitt Satellite Connect is the result of two years of collaborations with various companies. A proprietary Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) chipset developed by Bullitt together with Mediatek. But also collaborations with FocusPoint Internationalcritical event response expert, e Skylosatellite connectivity specialist.

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Using the app Bullitt Satellite Messenger, you can text normally and when there is no terrestrial coverage, activate the satellite connection service. Instead, whoever receives the message can find it in the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app or via SMSboth on Android and iPhone.

Bullitt explains that he will also be releasing some SDK of your Satellite Connect, so that other messaging app developers can also use this connection when needed. So in the future, other applications will also be able to connect to the satellite automatically on compatible smartphones. But it focuses on users choosing the Bullitt app and joining the community.

Creating a Bullitt account on a compatible smartphone is “as simple as subscribing to a streaming service,” the Bullitt team explains. Once you have registered your account with phone number and passwordboth from the app and from the site, just choose the type of subscription you prefer.

Chosen the account, send messages is as simple as writing SMS. There is a box where you can write with the digital keyboard of your smartphone: intuitive like any other app: the innovative technology is there but it doesn’t have to. Indeed, iAt the top, a green symbol indicates whether you are using a satellite connection: but otherwise, sending messages remains simple.

Bullitt explains to us that his Satellite Connect also has emergency functionality, which not only allows you to contact the health services or rescue services but also to receive answers and indications from the operators. In fact, by tapping the SOS button you will have to answer some quick questions to send to the rescuers, so that they know how to help you. All very intuitive: they are multiple choice questions to understand what kind of assistance you need. Whenever you respond to emergency services, also send your location.

bullitt satellite connect ces 2023 demo minOur demo at CES 2023

In the demo made with the Bullitt team, i messages took seconds to reach the satellites and then to arrive on the smartphone of the recipients. It’s not as fast as using 5G, but it runs pretty fast and smoothly. In short, it is an interesting option if you want keep in touch even at the top of a mountain or in the desert surrounding Las Vegas.

Bullitt Satellite Connect: i prezzi

Bullitt Satellite Connect offerto account “SOS Assist” free of charge for the first twelve monthsi, only to contact the emergency services. The other prices are monthly and depend on how many messages you want to send:

  • SOS Assist: 12 months free, unlimited emergency messages
  • Essential: 30 messages per month for $4.99 a month
  • Everyday: 125 messages to $9.99 a month
  • Premium: 400 messages to $29.99 a month
  • Freedom: 250 messages per year for $59.99 a month

The Bullitt team explains that for Europe the prices will be similar, only converted into euros. And that it becomes possible, even if you have run out of messages in the plan, to expand it quickly. As well as keep sending safety messages to rescuers, which remain unlimited.

The launch

Bullitt Satellite Connect will debut in North America and Europe immediatelythen arriving early in Africa, Latin America in the first half of the year and other regions in the second half of 2023.

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The next smartphone that will use this technology will be the next Motorola Defy, which will integrate the modem chip that Bullitt developed with Mediatek. But Bullitt aims to expand the fleet of devices that allow you to use this technology.

You can find Bullitt Satellite Connect solutions here. Soon the first smartphone with this connection will also arrive in Italy: a rather light rugged with a large screen. We will keep you posted.

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