BMW iX M60: performance, range and power of the electric super-SUV

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Once, reading as the acronym a “60” in the BMW world, we would have been very excited because we would have been in the presence of a 6.0, most likely V12. Today, by now, the initials of the Casa dell’Elica no longer indicate a displacement, but a level of power, more than ever on very powerful electric cars. And this is the case with BMW iX M60, the first sporty version of the electric SUV from Monaco presented today at CES 2022 di Las Vegas. We don’t have a powerful V12 under the hood, but two engines capable of delivering well 619 CV, and calibrated by the legendary BMW Motorsport department to make the huge Bavarian SUV faster, in the shot from a standstill, than a BMW M4. Are you curious to find out more?

What does not change about the BMW iX M60: interior, aesthetics and dimensions are unchanged

The department too BMW Motorsport, the legendary sports atelier of the House of Monaco from which some of the best cars in the history of the brand have come out, launches on electric mobility. The first M-branded electric “creation” was the i4 M50, with 544 hp and incredible performance. After this first, excellent, attempt, the Bavarian House has decided to launch his second fully electric model, BMW iX M60. As the name indicates, the power is even higher than the i4 M50, far exceeding altitude 600 CV.

The biggest news, however, are under the skin. On an aesthetic level, both exterior and interior, in fact, the BMW iX M60 has very few differences with the other versions of the electric SUV.. To learn more about iX, by clicking here you can go directly to our detailed road test of one of the most technological and innovative models of recent years. And precisely for this reason, BMW has reduced the aesthetic interventions on an already sporty and very personal car to a minimum. On the outside, the original lines, which are still debated by enthusiasts, have been preserved almost as they are: to differentiate the M60 version, in addition to the M60 logos, the blue brake calipers M Motorsport, and the standard adoption of the BMW Individual Exterior Line Titanium Bronze package. This aesthetic package makes all exterior moldings satin black, with bronze details scattered all over the place embellishing the car.

The beautiful specific 21 ″ rims stand out, which can also be increased to 22 ″. Inside, too, the ambience is almost identical to the “normal” BMW iX. Therefore, the beautiful central floating screen does not disappear, and the general setting remains that of a very comfortable, elegant and minimalist sitting room. The main innovations are on an aesthetic level, with an environment that greets the warm tones seen on the iX 50 tested a few weeks ago to embrace some dark colors, more suitable for a sports car. The headliner is also covered in anthracite color, and the seats are slightly more shaped, although they remain dedicated to comfort. The dashboard and controls remain unchanged, while the M logo appears in the digital instrumentation.

Motorsport cure: BMW iX M60 exceeds 600 hp, and covers 0-100 km / h in less than 4 seconds

The Motorsport care was in fact focused on what really counts on a BMW branded M: the driving pleasure. Be careful though: remember that we are not dealing with a hard and pure M ““, Where maximum performance is sought at any cost. The abbreviation M60 suggests that it is similar to an M340i: a sports car, fast, powerful but also offering comfort and usability every day. For this, BMW has tried to improve and “nasty” the already excellent 523 HP iX 50, but without exaggerating. The biggest news is, of course, the increased power. BMW iX M60 has two engines, one per axle, like version 50, and also the battery it is unchanged with yours 111 kWh. The range, however, drops from 630 to 533 km in mixed WLTP cycle, due to the much higher performance.

But how much superior? Compared to the 523 hp and 760 Nm of the 50 version, the iX M60 relaunches again, becoming the most powerful iX. BMW Motorsport has in fact recalibrated the two engines, bringing the front one to 258 HP, while the front one reaches a maximum peak of 489 HP. The total, as always non-mathematical, is one of those impressive: 619 hp and 1,015 Nm of torque. If you activate the Launch Control, then, the pair rises again, reaching a 1.100 Nm. Thanks to this power and, of course, integral traction, BMW iX M60 shoots like a real sports car. Indeed: with his 0-100 km / h in just 3.8 seconds, it is faster than M3 and M4 Competition. A fantastic result.

The maximum speed, always self-limited, has been raised from 200 to 250 km/h, in full Teutonic style, but BMW M did not stop at power alone. The increase in power is in fact the least of the interventions carried out on the BMW iX M60. The Motorsport department has indeed completely re-calibrated the trim, the response of the air suspension, increased the brakes, installed rear steering wheels as standard and changed the power steering calibration. Compared to the other iXs, the M technicians have then played with the balance of weights, the distribution of torque between the axles and load transfers, to create an electric SUV that is sporty and exciting to drive. To accompany the busiest driving, then, in BMW they “composed” a specific digital sound for the iX M60.

How much will the new BMW iX M60 cost?

Motorsport technicians therefore wanted to create a BMW iX that tasted like M driving. A car more focused on driving pleasure, capable of giving those emotions typical of that magical letter for fans of the Helix. And, if you have read the “normal” BMW iX test, you already know that driving pleasure is already surprisingly high on the German car. Thanks to the low center of gravity, a very rigid frame and a true BMW calibration, the iX has already proved to be a very pleasant car to drive. BMW iX M60 is proposed as non plus ultra for driving pleasure and excitement among large zero-emission SUVs.

This will mean that Will we have an iX M60 capable of performing thrilling oversteer like thermal M’s? We will only be able to discover this by guiding it. BMW iX M60 was in fact presented in world preview at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, and will arrive on the Italian market in the coming months. The price? The xDrive50 version equipped as iX M60, including rear steering wheels and a Bowers & Wilkins stereo system, which we tested in Valle d’Aosta, was close to 120,000 euros. We can therefore expect a price around 130 / 135,000 euros, commensurate with the values ​​put in place. BMW wants to show that the electric future will not have to do without emotions and the pleasure of driving. And to do so, it promises to transform its 2.4-tonne electric SUV into a real driver’s car. Will they have made it? We are really curious to try it.

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