BMW shows at CES 2023 I Vision Dee, the concept car of the future to chat with

BMW mostra al CES 2023 I Vision Dee, la concept car del futuro con cui chiacchierare thumbnail

Las Vegas – On the occasion of CES 2023the American consumer electronics conference, the group BMW showed its new i Vision Dee concept car to the public. It is a compact sedan with minimal colors and design presented mainly to show the great contemporary importance of the digitization and of connectivity inside cars. Added to this is the importance of IA, which can bring numerous advantages also in the automotive sector. But let’s start in order.

Who and what is Dee?

Dee sta per Digital Emotional Experience and is the concept behind this one brilliant and futuristic car. A new concept that BMW describes as the intelligent, almost human-level capabilities of the digital systems developed (or to be developed) for this car. These could be as simple as a welcome message given by a voice assistant on 4 wheels to more complex elements such as autonomously managing the headlights depending on the weather conditions.

We are, needless to say, in front of a car 100% electric made entirely with recycled materials. The minimalist and extremely futuristic design abandon any kind of knobs, buttons and buttons both outside and inside, focusing exclusively on touch controls and voice commands. However, the driver and the pleasure of driving are not forgotten, which is why there is also a steering wheel with somewhat futuristic style and controls.

Augmented reality and AI

The BMW i Vision Dee features a head-up display that covers the windshield in its entirety. A user interface for the driver is visible from here it will provide useful information and make full use of the power of augmented reality. The dashboard is visibly reduced, to allow the driver to concentrate mainly on the digital elements but above all on driving, which is not autonomous and therefore occupies the main attention both by the driver and by BMW.

The interface (HUD) is able to provide visible elements of various nature and intensity ranging from useful information such as speed and conditions of the car to aesthetic or immersive elements to customize our guide. Is it a rainy day and do we want to see the sun at least while driving? no problem! Here the HUD will show us a sunny and pleasant landscape without affecting the vision of the road. The HUD has five levels of “intensity” of information and augmented reality to adapt according to your tastes or the situation.

bmw i vision dee ces

And this is how the car becomes an “Alexa on four wheels” with a voice and an AI capable of recognizing the person who is driving (by memorizing various profiles) and adapting the seat position automatically or even showing the image of the driver and any travel companions in the form of avatars on the side windows.

Obviously this is not a product that will arrive on the market, but the concept devised by BMW gives us a clear idea of ​​the company’s foresight and its focus on innovation.