Sony presents the new PlayStation VR2 (and more) at CES 2023

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LAS VEGAS – Sony put the focus on the world of entertainment at CES 2023, presenting the new PlayStation VR2. But also new technologies for the world of cinema, music and video games. And also of products that manage to break through the boundaries between these worlds, such as the next GranTurismo film.

Sony presents the new PlayStation VR2 at CES 2023

Kenishiro Yoshida, the president of Sony, introduced the theme of the event to all of us present at CES 2023: Moving People Forward. A theme that several themes: for example Sony launched the first rocket yesterday: Star Sphere wants to change the way we see the world around us. And the Sony Las Vegas conference also introduced the novelty of Sony Honda Mobility: the new Afeela car, which will debut in 2026 (and which we will tell you about in a dedicated article).

But Sony, however, thinks of broadening the vision of the world by giving space to creatives, as it has been doing for years now. Giving them the means to create incredible movies and TV with CMOS and all Sony cameras. Working together with cinematographers, Sony has given the means to create blockbusters like Top Gun: Maverick. Or The Woman King con Viola Davisit’s still I Wanna Dance With Somebodythe biographical work on Whitney Houston. Sony explains that the goal is to find creative film enthusiasts, to tell unique stories.

The new GranTurismo film

It will also debut soon The Last of Us, la serie HBO Max which was born as a video game for the PlayStation. The union of two worlds in which the Japanese company is the protagonist. How will it happen for Gran Turismothe game for car racing enthusiasts that will soon become a film, directed by Neill Blomkamp, which premiered the film at CES in Las Vegas. Coming this summer, a film that aims to reflect the adrenaline-pumping experience of becoming a GranTurismo driver.

Blomkamp explains that he fell in love with the story of this film, but then said what they think all GranTurismo fans: “I love cars”. Sony also supplied the cameras to be inserted into the cars to record incredible footage, in order to create a third act in the pure adrenaline film. And fans will find several shots reminiscent of those seen in the game in this film.

The boundaries between real and virtual are blurring

Sony then gave the floor to the creators of videogame, after talking about cinema (and game adaptation). Who explained how creating realistic games helps take players into a truly immersive virtual world. The same goes for creators in the world of musicawhich can use Sony’s technology to bring i fan closest, with concerts and moments dedicated to them in a virtual version. The company also spoke about partnerships with the world of sport, from Mancherster City who have taken their team to the metaverse, with avatars playing virtual matches. Showing angles that are impossible to get live.

The Chairman explains that with the acquisition of Pixomondo allows creatives to build VR worlds by working with Epic and theUnreal Engine allows you to create digital worlds. The line between reality and virtual has never been so thin.

Sony annuncia PlayStation VR2 al CES 2023

Sony he explains that using headphones and sensors he can take players and fans into a virtual world. But with the new PlayStation VR2, the virtual world becomes even more real. The launch lineup includes 30 titles, from No Man Sky a Resident Evil Villagemoving on to the new Horizon. But also GranTurismo GT7 will be present at launch, with a free update for those who have purchased the game.

Il headset will debut on February 22, with lots of games to test. Soon there will also be other video games, such as Beat Saver, the rhythm base loved by many fans.

The codenamed project Leonardo instead it is a controller project that will allow gamers with disabilities to create a custom controller to play better. Sony has worked with many specialists on this product and can’t wait to launch it.

Sony also promises that from here on out it will be easier to buy a PS5, after the company sold a whopping 30 million copies. And many new games are coming soon, such as Marvel: Spider-Man 2 e Hogwarts: Legacy.

Soon even those who have not had the opportunity to buy a PlayStation 5 will be able to do so, and after this official announcement at Sony’s CES 2023, we know that soon we will also be able to discover the virtual worlds of PS VR2. We can’t wait, can you? Tell us about it in the comments.