BMW Vision AMBY electric mobility between bikes and motorcycles

BMW Vision AMBY, il concept elettrico che si adatta ad ogni tipologia di strada thumbnail

“Adaptive Mobility”, this would be the transcription of the acronym AMBY , which together with the word Vision gives its name to one of the latest concepts created by BMW for the future mobility.

The idea is to create a electric vehicle that yes adapted to the speed of the road on which you are driving. With this idea BMW supplied its Vision AMBY with three speed levels a depending on the different types of roads. In fact it allows you to circulate up to 25 km / h on cycle paths, up to 45 km / h in the city center e up to a maximum of 60 km / h on a “normal” road, even on an off-road vehicle.

The Vision AMBY accelerates thanks to a knob placed on the handlebar as in normal motorcycles, but it has a footrest instead of pedals. The different ones driving mode available are controlled by a smartphone app. One of the most interesting features is that manual speed level selection is obviously available, but as a distinctive feature, the Vision Amby is able to detect the type of road through the geofencing technology e then automatically adjust the maximum speed adapting to the indications of the type described above.

BMW Vision AMBY, simple design for ease of use

The saddle is placed 830 mm from the ground and therefore touching the ground once driving is not a problem. Its design, halfway between those of a bicycle and a motorcycle, is another of its distinctive features. The battery pack and drive unit form a solid block in the center of the frame, with a fork with thick springs and protections on the bars at the front end. The rear suspension uses a mono shock absorber mounted laterally and anchored directly to the swingarm. It should be emphasized that the structure that surrounds the central block and which acts as a body and frame is made of recycled plastic, as well as the saddle and tires.

The small headlight a U shape has a minimalist cut and uses LED technology; the same gods two small rear lights placed on the saddle structure. The total weight of the BMW Vision AMBY is only 65 kg and uses two brake discs on both trains.

As mentioned, the smartphone is a key element in the management of this model. A specially developed application allows the user to activate the vehicle, check the battery charge status, choose the modes, the alarm and the immobilizer, and it will certainly not be a surprise if over time I add more features or updates.

The smartphone can be docked just behind the handlebar: in this position it acts as a display of the Vision AMBY where to view all the various parameters, but also as a navigator and so on and, if compatible, it recharges inductively.

Finally, the BMW Vision AMBY might add also other systems to improve and complete in the future the its endowment. System like ABS, an automatic high beam or an auxiliary brake light, and why not, daytime running lights. It could also monitor tire pressure or even include a radar to provide visual and audible warning when a vehicle is approaching from behind. An interesting exercise in style and technology that could lead to mass production. When and if this will ever happen, however, at the moment it is not known.