Libri da leggere ad Aprile 2021

Books to read in April 2021 | Reading tips

Our monthly column on reading tips returns with books to read in April 2021. Let’s find out the two books and the comic that the editors of the Library section have selected for you this month

Let’s start this month of April 2021 with the Easter holidays, but let’s not let our guard down: the first of April is still the day of the fish, and who knows what jokes it hides! Can these holidays be a great excuse to recover from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, and thus refresh a reader’s spirit more than a good book? So here are the three titles that the bookstore section recommends you read in April 2021.

Deep Sleep | Books to read April 2021

If you are looking for a book fast and light, and leaving you in a hushed feeling, Banana Yoshimoto Deep Sleep is undoubtedly the best choice. In this book, the author’s third, there are actually three stories, all linked by the common thread of sleep: Deep Sleep, Travelers in the Night and An Experience. In all three stories the theme of the world of dreams and of the sleep in general, all obviously seasoned with the melancholy and almost sad atmosphere typical of Banana Yoshimoto’s books. The characters in this book are suspended between sleep and wakefulness, with amorous – at times sexual – and paranormal intervals, as we can observe in the third story.

We recommend this book to anyone who wants to immerse themselves in a cloud of paper.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer it is the book that accompanied the youth of many, and if you have not read it yet, it is time to do it and return to your youth.

In this children’s novel, set in Missouri shortly before the American Civil War, Mark Twain tells of Tom Sawyer, a young and lively orphan who lives with zia Polly, rigid and always ready to punish him, even with means that today we would define violent. In fact, Tom is not like most of the other young inhabitants of the fictional city in which he lives: he is reckless, active, with an almost always mocking attitude and always ready to get into trouble just to live new adventures. But the protagonist of this book is not just a troublemaker; like every young person, he lives all the crucial moments typical of that age, in a historical period (we are around the sixties of the nineteenth century) that would soon have manifested upheavals never thought of before.

If you want to go back to being a boy and relive your carefree youth, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer are for you.

RaW Hero | Books to read in April 2021

Chiaki he is the eldest of three brothers, orphans, living in a decrepit house, and having difficulty in bringing bread to the table. Finding work is not easy, but the young man finally has the opportunity to attend a promising interview. While on the subway, however, his sense of justice will prevail, and he will choose to stop a pervert. But nothing is as it seems, and for Chiaki an adventure full of adrenaline and tragicomic situations is about to begin.

Who has read Hiramoto’s previous title, Prison School, he already knows what he is going to meet: RaW Hero it possesses all the erotic charge of its predecessor, declined in the most unlikely fetishisms. It is certainly a work reserved for a mature audience, however, unlike Prison School, this manga has a distinctly shonen connotation of fighting. The idea is the classic one of heroes versus villains, but if you are tempted to think that it is not original, you are very wrong.

Hiramoto’s signature is present in every step, and the result is a light and very funny manga, although the topics covered are still serious. Reading it, you experience a wide range of emotions, but all extreme.
Raw Hero has recently come to its conclusion, ending up being a short six-volume work. In Italy it is published by Star Comics.

We hope you enjoy our reading tips; if this month’s titles are not enough for you or you are new to the column, do not forget to retrieve the recommended books of March 2021.