Salerno Letteratura Festival torna a giugno

Salerno Literature Festival returns in June

The Salerno Literature Festival is back from 17 to 24 June. 130 meetings and some key names in international literature are expected at the event

Il Salerno Literature Festival go back to his eleventh edition from 17 to 24 June. Yesterday, May 12, 2023, the preview event was held in Rome in the Space Seven bookshop, where some novelties that the festival will offer its visitors this year have been anticipated. Among the biggest surprises we see the presence of the writers Niccolo Ammaniti e Domenico Starnone. For those interested, all you have to do is book tickets and enjoy the event in the historic center of Salerno.

Salerno Literature Festival returns in June

Salerno Literature Festival: the program

During the event the names of the authors who will meet the public during the Salerno Literature Festival were revealed, among which, in addition to the two authors mentioned, stand out faces such as Chiara Gamberale and Emilio Isgròbut there will also be names from abroad, such as the Israeli author Ayelet Gundar-Goshen and Anthony Pagden. the artistic director, Paul of Paulanticipated the maximum number of 130 appointments, among which he mentions a reading school, a Manzonian section and a challenge, with thematic itineraries, which will see a multi-voiced confrontation on the themes of our current society, such as the one on the cities of the future. From the words of Gennaro Carrilloalso artistic director, we can see the will to go beyond the homogeneity of literal festivals:

the challenge is that of originality… Ours is the festival of encounters which sets itself a precise objective: to go beyond the ephemeral by bringing together people who would not have known each other otherwise.

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