Rovigoracconta: il festival arancione compie dieci anni

Rovigoratells: the orange festival is ten years old

Rovigoracconta is back with a new edition to celebrate its tenth birthday. Expected many events on various topics

Rovigoracconta returns with a new edition also in 2023 and with his tenth year of life, cheering the transition between spring and summer with an event from 2 to 4 June. This cultural festival, through books and music, offers meetings with important faces from the world of publishing, journalism and art worldwide, thanks to new experiences that involve the spectators in the first person; the fame acquired over time has even led the Rovigoracconta to be indicated, in 2017, by The Friday of the Republic as one of the 25 most important cultural festivals in Italyboasting the primacy of having been the only one mentioned event taking place in the region Veneto.

Rovigoratells: the orange festival is ten years old

Roviconarrates: the program

The Rovigoracconta festival will open its doors to visitors starting at 17:45 on June 2nd, with the first inaugural meeting, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. The events of the first day will take place in a numerous and prolonged way, arriving until late at night. The festival will continue in the following days through meetings and conferences scattered in the various halls and locations of the Venetian town, touching on the most disparate themes related to literature, journalism, art and cinema. There are also initiatives for the little ones, with workshops and children’s events games. More information on the individual events and planned activities is available on the official Rovigoracconta website.

Don’t worry, this is not the only literary event in June, in fact we are also waiting for you at the Salerno Literature Festival.