Borderlands: the new chapter is in development at Gearbox

It has been announced via twitter that the new chapter of the Borderlands franchise is in development at Gearbox

In recent days some had leaked rumors concerning the arrival of a new chapter for the famous videogame saga of Borderlands. These rumors indicated that the team of the Gearbox Software and, through their twitter account, the CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed today the veracity of these rumors.

Borderlands: a new chapter coming from Gearbox

Through his tweets, Randy Pitchford did not limit himself to confirming the involvement of his Gearbox in the realization of the new chapter of Borderlands, but also specified how his company is the principal responsible of the development of all future games in the saga. Still in the same tweet, in closing, Pitchford also states that: “they are working on the big one”, sweeping away any possible doubts about the start of the development work of Borderlands 4.

There are currently no news regarding the exit timing of the possible new chapter of Borderlands and, most likely, we will have to wait a few more months to have more concrete news available. Meanwhile, it is interesting to note that, despite Gearbox being acquired by Embracer Group, it will always be 2K to publish future Borderlands.

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