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Braun celebrates World Beard Day with a tribute to self-expression

Braun on the occasion of the World Beard Day, focuses on the beard and on the different styles as an expression of self

Shapes change, evolve and mutate in ever more unique and interesting ways. In recent years, and above all thanks to Generation Z, we have begun to realize, with greater clarity, how much there is no ideal or perfect form to depict true self-expression.

And that more and more shapes are less defined and versatile, adapting to every occasion or need. Thanks to this versatility, in fact, one’s personality can be expressed in different ways every day and the beard can embody an expressive and visual means to communicate oneself, since it allows you to play with always different styles and for every occasion.

Braun celebrates World Beard Day with a tribute to self-expression

The Braun product line for Wolrld Beard Day

In defining one’s look, therefore, the beard plays a fundamental role, whether it is long, short, just hinted at, disheveled, neat, dyed, with or without a mustache. Of every kind and for every kind. Deciding what kind of shape to give to your beard is never an obvious or simple choice, but certainly like clothes and accessories, it defines a person’s style. This year, it will be held the world beard daywhich will be celebrated on 3 of September.

E Braun (here for more information on the company), a leading brand in electric foil shaving, on the occasion of the World Beard Day, celebrates the value of the beard as an expression of self in which shapes and styles can change. So as to define different aspects of the personality and allow you to play according to the occasions, moods or moods. But if the style is fluid, one thing is certain: every beard must be treated with the right devices.

Series 9 Pro

Il Series 9 Pro represents the most efficient razor in the Braun product line. Combination of synchronized blades, Sonic technology and perfect adaptation to the contours of the face. The Series 9 Pro is designed to thoroughly shave the beard of 1, 3 or even 7 daysensuring an effective and delicate shave with each stroke.

The innovative ProHead head with the ProLift trimmer in fact, it allows you to lift and cut even 7-day long hairs. However, while remaining gentle on the skin. Some Braun Series 9 Pro models are accompanied by the former PowerCase custody shaver charger to the world, which maintains the power and performance of the shaver even when you are on the go. Not only that, some models also come with the 5-in-1 SmartCare Stationwhich, with the touch of a button, independently selects the required cleaning program.

Braun celebrates World Beard Day with a tribute to self-expression

Series X

Braun Series X is the brand new hybrid device signed Braun for trimming, adjustment and shaving. Its peculiarity is its single blade with 4D technology, which has two central cutting areas and two side trimming areas to adjust, trim and shave the beard quickly and without any effort. Designed for additional precision and control thanks to the two-way comb, the Series X cuts both up and down. Allowing users to refine the look quickly and effectively.

In addition, the cage blade design protects the skin from the blade, while the convex shape is specially designed to evenly redistribute pressure on the skin. Very easy to use, with the non-slip rubberized handle and theergonomic handlethe new Braun device guarantees optimal and precise results, even for the most inexperienced.

Braun celebrates World Beard Day with a tribute to self-expression

Series 7

The revolutionary 360 ° head of Braun Series 7 it is completely flexible and guarantees constant contact with the skin. Adapting perfectly to the contours of the face and neck and reaching even the most difficult areas for a close shave. In addition, the Series 7 is equipped with the special AutoSense technology.This detects the density of the beard by adapting the power of the motor.

Braun Series 7, is also equipped with the technology EasyClick , which allows, with a simple click, to transform the razor into a multipurpose device. This, by adding accessories such as, for example, the stubble trimmer, the precision trimmer or the body trimmer.

Braun celebrates World Beard Day with a tribute to self-expression


The new Braun MGK 7 is Braun’s all-in-one shaving kit, even sharper, faster and more efficient. Featuring a larger cutting area and improved blade tip geometry. The MGK 7 captures more hair with each stroke and reduces the risk of pulling the skin on the face or body for even more precise styling. The device offers the better than multifunctionality and versatility to recreate any style, from trimming an unkempt beard to the most sensitive areas of the body.

Braun celebrates World Beard Day with a tribute to self-expression

BT 7

Shaving requires a lot of precision and the right device can make a difference. The new Brown BT7 is Braun’s sharpest, fastest and most efficient beard trimmer, with improved technology and an even larger cutting area than the brand’s previous trimmers. Technology Built-in AutoSensein the device it adapts every finish to the type of beard and the length of the hair, for the creation of any style and the definition of beard, mustache, goatee with extreme precision.

Braun celebrates World Beard Day with a tribute to self-expression

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