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Ubisoft Forward | Skull and Bones: all the news!

Also on the stage of the Ubisoft Forward was the reborn Skull and Bones, which showed many interesting innovations mainly focused on the customization of the ship

Among the titles that have now become Varpoware we can certainly include Beyond Good & Evil 2 which… who believes it more? However, someone manages to get out of this state that seems eternal, one of them is Skull and Bones. Postponed so many times that we have now stopped counting them, the Ubisoft title will arrive on November 8 (hopefully) on PC and current generation consoles, after the development on those of the last one was canceled. We remind you that Skull and Bones was originally announced back in 2017 and that it has changed direction so many times that it is no longer even a ship at the mercy of the wind. Yes, we are worried.

On the stage of the Ubisoft Forward, the title of the French publisher is back to show itself with a new gameplay trailer. After a first CGI sequence that serves as an introduction to the world of Skull and Bones, in fact, and after the developers have covertly reminded us how much danger we are in their world, the video has moved on to possibility of customizing the ship and how to upgrade its arsenal. We leave you the trailer below.

Skull and Bones takes the stage of the Ubisoft Forward: now it’s very close!

Each ship, according to the development team, is completely unique and the customization possibilities will allow you to find your own personal style. In addition to building ships to hunt for treasure, in the multiplayer of the game you will be able to fight with other players, steal the loads of the opponents or plunder the wrecks of sunken ships. The importance of exploration has been emphasized even more, as it will allow you to collect the fundamental resources to continue in the game. We will also be able to carry out missions on land, leaving the ship at the port, looking for treasures through maps or hunting for marine animals to get their skin.

Have you seen the Skull and Bones trailer shown on the Ubisoft Forward stage? What do you think about it? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!

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