Braun: limited edition products for 100 years

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Braun has decided to revisit its most iconic products with a limited edition series and a 5-year extended warranty

2021 is a special year for Braun che celebrates 100 years since Max Braun opened his first workshop in Frankfurt am Main, in Germany. A century of history and successes, always maintaining the values ​​of good design: useful, simple and designed to last over time. For its 100th anniversary, Braun launches a new exclusive collection of iconic products, in a limited edition, expression of a timeless, functional and innovative design, codified by the designer Dieter Rams since the 1950s and still current. A special collection that re-proposes the five most iconic Braun appliances: from the MultiQuick blender (available in two versions, Series 3 and Series 9) to the citrus juicer, ending with the ironing category which is represented by the TexStyle 5 steam iron and the CareStyle Compact steam generator.

Recognizable thanks to the new packaging, characterized by the essential and elegant language of the Braun brand, the new limited edition products offer consumers an extended warranty to 5 years can be activated by registering the purchase on the site, testifying to the commitment in favor of reliable and long-lasting products.

Braun MultiQuick 9 and 3: the iconic hand blenders

Braun has decided to inaugurate its special collection with last heirs of the famous blender, the accessory for the kitchen, introduced by Braun in 1966, which extended the homonymous brand to the entire segment of hand blenders. The MultiQuick 9 MQ9125XS is the most powerful hand blender in the range: equipped with a 1200W motor, Active PowerDrive that speeds up performance and ActiveBlade, the first technology in the world that allows vertical movement of the blades. With the imode Control system, you can choose three different processing speeds and the convenient Pulse function adapts to multiple needs in the kitchen. In addition, thanks to theAdvanced SmartSpeed, you can adjust the speed of the hand blender by pressing a convenient button. The product comes with a very convenient pedestal to store the blender after use and, like the whole celebratory range, it is available in an elegant black color.

MultiQuick 9 is not the only protagonist of the category: accompanying it is the MultiQuick 3 MQ3135BK, the hand blender that offers optimal mixing and maximum precision thanks to its 11 adjustable speeds. All without sketches, thanks to the system SplashControl, and with greater versatility during processing, thanks to the Easy Click technology. L’PowerBell Plus mixing shaft and an extra blade allow even faster and more efficient results. The product is also available in total black which, in combination with the metal parts, further enhances its premium design.

Braun: limited edition products for 100 years

Braun Juicer: for a super breakfast

The third product of the celebratory line is the CJ 3050BK Citrus Juicer, designed in 1972 and still very current 50 years later, unsurpassed for the purity of its lines and its functionality. Equipped with a power of 60W, with automatic Start & Stop and a practical anti-drip spout, represents an ideal solution to start the day with energy and in a healthy way. Also, thanks to the Direct Serve, the freshly prepared juice is poured directly into the glass, making the juice even faster and more practical. It is available in the special premium black color, perfect for all types of furniture.

Braun: limited edition products for 100 years

Braun CareStyle Compact and TexStyle 5: the iron with a modern style

The special edition is completed by two Braun appliances dedicated to ironing: the first, CareStyle Compact IS2058BK, is a 2200W steam generator iron, known for its particular speed and compact design that ensures space and time savings. The product boasts many technologies, such as DoubleSteam double steam, the FreeGlide 3D plate and the Eloxal Plus coating, a particular material which, combined with iCareTec technology, offers an optimal solution for ironing even the most delicate fabrics in peace. The CareStyle Compact is also available in black and is designed to last over time and to offer a silent and relaxing ironing experience.

The last appliance of the celebratory line is the Braun TexStyle 5 SI5088BK, a 2800W iron with a unique design, equipped with a particular open handle that ensures maximum ergonomics and allows it to be stored even vertically. This Braun iron is characterized by a powerful steam jet that can reach 220 g / min, the ECO mode which allows an energy saving of 65%, an anti-drip system that prevents liquid leaks even at low temperatures and the pratico Self-Clean, which ensures the self-cleaning of the iron to guarantee a longer life cycle.

Best wishes!

Five products that Braun has chosen to celebrate a century of intuition and innovations that have always stood out for their reliability and practicality. Five milestones that represent the best tradition of the brand in the context of the household, with a timeless design that continues to inspire anyone who wants not just appliances, but true style icons designed to last.

The unique and innovative style of the Braun brand is also online: in fact, a renewed version of the Braun Household website is active, where it will be possible to compare the characteristics of the various products and explore topics such as fitness and nutrition, with a wide selection of articles and recipes. And, thanks to the new e-commerce section, it will now be possible to buy Braun products directly online, thus guaranteeing users a richer and more complete experience.

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