Bravolio vs Eurobet: comparazione dei siti di scommesse per Italiani

Bravolio vs Eurobet: comparison of betting sites for Italians

There are many sites suitable for playing at the casino, but which one to choose? Which is the safest one? In this article we will compare two good gambling sites

Nowadays and in recent times, with the future of the internet, online gambling has become more and more common, also given the willingness to do it in one’s own homes. Those who do not have the possibility to physically go to the casinos or, in general, to the gaming rooms, can do so directly from home by betting on a large section of online sites that allow you to do this. There are many sites suitable for this kind of game, but which one to choose? Which is the safest one? In this article we will compare two online gambling and betting sites: the more famous Eurobet and the newcomer Bravolio.

Eurobet: a guarantee for gamblers

Eurobet meets all the basic requirements that can be set for a virtual gambling site. It is stylishly designed, which makes it extremely easy to navigate the platform and switch between sections. Another advantage is themed games, which means that special characters are used that can fully convey the atmosphere of the game.

In addition, attention must also be paid to good bonus policy. First of all, you can get additional rewards for active gambling on the platform. There are few new products in this section, but even that can’t spoil the overall impression.

Specifically to the sports betting section, Eurobet is one of the most popular and well-known sites in Italy, due to the numerous football leagues included, from Serie A to minor leagues, as well as the inclusion of numerous niche sports, such as motorsports, hockey and billiards.

Therefore, despite the fact that many people consider Eurobet as a first choice bookmaker, extremely favorable conditions have also been created for the slot machine section. To better understand it, you just need to register completely free of charge on the site, which also allows you to take advantage of all the games in demo mode, without the need to bet real money.

Another great strength of Eurobet, it is also convenient to know that you can contact the support service representatives should you need them and ask them for help with any questions you have or to try to solve any problems.

Bravolio: the new entry

Bravolio instead is an innovative sports betting and online casino site. By constantly replenishing their game library with the latest releases from the best providers, it is positioning itself as one of the best sites to place your bets on. Thousands of themed games can be accessed very quickly and smoothly.

Sports betting is handled differently than many other sites. In fact, right from the registration it is possible to choose a generous welcome bonus, which will allow bettors to have a nice advantage over other sites, also due to the fact that Bravolio has a foreign license, issued by the government of Curacao, and for this reason it nourishes much more freedom than AAMS licensed sites.

Bravolio represents the epitome of future gambling technologies wrapped in a simple and practical design.

The site always pays attention to payment systems and their smooth performance on our web browsers. The currencies and payment methods are always up to date and chosen based on the player’s position.

And you can see how deposits and payments via e-wallets are very fast. On the other hand, credit card transactions take longer, as they are processed by the bank.
The support team members are always informed about any problems the player has with the various games, furthermore, they are always available and you can write them whenever you need to clarify the terms of use or policies in detail; if you have any questions regarding the service in general; if you have suggestions on how to improve the service or notice inconsistencies in the information they provide on the website.


In light of what has been said, both sites are, as far as the security side is concerned, very reliable. Eurobet presents a much more traditional gambling and betting management than Bravolio, which, in turn, has an innovative and never before seen management. Some features of Bravolio, however, are difficult to find in other foreign betting sites, or often there are none, but, for those used to traditional gaming practices, you may find yourself confused regarding the new features of the site.