Britishvolt Aston Martin will use fast charging batteries

Britishvolt fornirà le auto elettriche Aston Martin con le sue batterie a ricarica rapida thumbnail

Like many sports car makers, Aston Martin will have to endure a painful shift from internal combustion engines, although in some markets they will be available to customers after 2030. As early as 2025 Aston Martin will launch its first electric car, which can be equipped with batteries from the British brand Britishvolt.

This is not the only example of cooperation between British manufacturers, in late January it became known about Britishvolt’s collaboration with Lotus, although the latter is currently under the strong influence of Geely’s Chinese shareholders. We remind you that Britishvolt has committed to start supplying to Lotus electric vehicles solid state batteries by 2027. Apparently, the collaboration between the two companies won’t wait for the next generation of batteries to appear, but Aston Martin expects to see some benefits right away. Indeed, Aston Martin’s first electric car it will arrive in 2025, before Britishvolt starts offering solid-state batteries.

Tobias Moers, amminiAston Martin Lagonda’s managing director said: “This powerful collaboration combines Aston Martin’s 109 years of engineering experience with the expertise of a rapidly growing UK technology company. Working together with Britishvolt, I believe we can create new technologies to power Aston Martin electric cars that set the benchmarks that will match our reputation for high performance and ultra-luxury with the highest standards of sustainability. “

Aston Martin, Britishvolt will not be the only partner for future electric cars

So companies will focus on building traction batteries that can not only charge quickly, but also withstand repeated high-load cycles when driving electric vehicles on a track. On the road to electrification, Britishvolt will not be Aston Martin’s only partner, as Mercedes-Benz will share the hybrid and electric powertrain experience with the British carmaker in exchange for a stake in the British carmaker.

Today’s announcement builds on Aston Martin’s continued investment in developing the high-performance cars of the future. 176 engineers were recruited for the company in 2021, including specialists in electrified powertrains and other areas such as vehicle calibration, software and electrical systems. Further additions are expected as part of a new push to attract top talent to develop Aston Martin’s next generation of sports cars and future electric vehicles.

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