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Esports and Gaming Promoters Union: a new initiative

The Esports and Gaming Promoters Union is born: the new Sport Digital House initiative aimed at promoting the culture of gaming in Italy

After the creation ofItalian Esports Observatory, Sport Digital House launches a new project dedicated to the vast community of gaming enthusiasts within a single national reference. objectives ofUPEG will be the promotion of the cultural aspects of the Esports he was born in gaming and the creation of a national network of promoters, to make the sector evolve starting from the territories

Sport Digital House once again confirms itself as one of the main players in innovation linked to Esports e al gaming in Italia. After creating the Italian Esports Observatory in 2020, which in a short time became a national reference for companies engaged in this sector, this time Sport Digital House widens its range of action, launching theUnion of Esports and Gaming Promoters (UPEG): the first network in Italy dedicated to gaming enthusiasts and which promotes the culture of video games starting from the territories.

Esports and Gaming Promoters Union: a new initiative

The initiative was born in the context of the great experience and positioning at national level of Sport Digital House in gaming. The strategy ofItalian Esports Observatory has allowed the company to aggregate in its network the experiences and skills of the people who actively work for the development of gaming in Italy. L’UPEG stands as a unique project in Italy, with the aim of creating a national network of promoters and activists, who can meet constantly to spread the culture of gaming throughout the country.

L’UPEG will identify places in Italian cities in which to organize debates, meetings with companies and experts, cultural initiatives, exhibitions, events and other types of activities Vote for the aggregation of the community passionate about video games. These places will be reference points in which to gather and promote the positive aspects of this culture. The first entities to have opened the doors of their offices toUPEG I am Azerion (leading company in gaming advertising member of GEES) a Milano and the National Amateur League a Roma.

Esports and Gaming Promoters Union: a new initiative

These will therefore be the first two cities in which theUnion of Esports and Gaming Promoters, together with its promoters, will launch its calendar of activities. The membership of other companies is already planned, which will make their spaces available to accelerate the development of the Italian gaming community. Among the first pioneer members of theUPEG there are owners ofOIES Badgethe initiative launched in 2022 fromGEES which certifies the skills on the business aspects of Esports, and which now also becomes the key to becoming a member of the UPEG.

L’OIES Badge, therefore, will no longer be just a certificate of skills, but also a tool for active participation in an innovative movement that aims to give a boost to the gaming culture from below. The inaugural meeting of theUPEG was held on February 27th a Milano at the headquarters of Azerion. In the next communications, the website of the network will also be made official, the manifesto of values ​​of theUnion of Esports and Gaming Promoters and the calendar of events.

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