Bully 2: the story behind the game’s troubled development revealed

G[/miptheme_dropcapt]ame Informer reported some information on the story that characterized the production of Bully 2 and the interruption of the development of the game

In the gaming industry, very often developing games end up being discontinued and never come to light. The factors that hinder the creation of a video game can start from a lack of funds, or internal disagreements between the members of the development team, but in any case they are always fatal. These problems have also been seen in the largest gaming houses, and Rockstar Games could be one of the most relevant examples so far. The videogame house, along with Take Two, found itself having to cancel a large number of titles, losing impressive figures for games that will never exist. Among them, Bully 2 has a bleak history, and has now taken on a form more like a memory than a real game.

Bully 2, a game with a complicated story

Speaking with the developers of Rockstar New England, Game Informer got a lot of details about Bully 2 and how it would be structured. While the first episode was developed by Rockstar Vancouver, the New England section later released the Scholarship Edition. The development of the second game would have been carried out between 2008 and 2010, and with it it was aimed at achieve the levels of importance that GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption possess. The team, formed between 50 and 70 people, focused a lot on the characters and the depth of the various systems. Bully 2’s map wouldn’t have been as large as GTA IV’s, as it had no vehicles to drive, but it would have three times larger in size compared to that of the original work. It was thought of the possibility of entering any existing building, and a system of morality would be put in place for Jimmy.

Rockstar also wanted to include a mechanic that would allow the grass to grow realistically, together with a fragmentation of the glass that led it to break in different ways. Jimmy could also have climbed trees, fences and ledges. In the words of the developers, it came to have at least eight hours of playable story in Bully 2, but the game would have needed another 2-3 years before its actual release. But that all changed after the developers were moved to work on other projects, no longer getting the chance to pick up the title again. It is not known whether the situation has changed in any way now; all that is known for the moment is that Rockstar is working on some new project, but the identity of it still remains more than a mystery.

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