Bungie and Sony: new projects in the pipeline

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It seems that Bungie and Sony are working on multiple new projects not yet announced. Let’s find out the details in this news

Since the surprise acquisition of Bungie by Sony, which took place at the beginning of last year (a move that also had considerable media coverage), the eyes of the community have remained focused on waiting to find out which new projects would be born after this Union. Now, according to what has emerged from some statements on the net, it seems that the study author of the Halo and Destiny saga (of which we have retraced the thirty years of history in this special dedicated article) could soon lift the veil on the news in the pipeline .

Bungie and Sony working on several new projects

It seems that fans from all over the world won’t have to wait much longer to discover the new projects from Sony and Bungie. Previously, some rumors had spread according to which the latter would be working on a mobile title of Destiny, as well as on a reinterpretation of Marathon (and its sequels), one of the first famous works of the US studio. At the moment, however, none of these titles have been confirmed yet.

According to a tweet released by Tom Farnsworth, the senior design lead of the US software house, the studio is mainly dedicated to expanding the PlayStation live service title park. No more information has been revealed about it, but in all likelihood we will find out more about the work of the two software houses in the coming months.

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