Apple Books: ogni autore potrà pubblicare audiolibri

Apple Books: Any author will be able to publish audiobooks

Apple Book launches new service to convert eBooks into audiobooks, allowing even emerging authors to be able to publish in both versions

Apple Booksthanks to a new update, will allow the activation of a service that will give each author the possibility of having their ebooks read by a digital voice, making them to all intents and purposes audiobooks. In this way, even emerging authors will be able to convert their titles into audiobooks, increasing their readership. Apple had actually planned to launch the service from November 2022, but due to the scandals of the Meta-Facebook layoffs and the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, it was decided to postpone the project to 2023.

Apple Books: Any author will be able to publish audiobooks

Apple Books: the new update

Apple Books digital storytelling brings together the technology of local synthesis with the work of a team of linguists specialize in quality control of audio systems, so as to convert any eBook file into a full-fledged audiobook. Digital voices come adapted to the genre and setting of the book, in order to make them suitable for any type of reading. At the moment, the narrative voice is only available in its English version, waiting for a future expansion. Reading is available in quattro different versions of narration: Madison, Jackson, Helena and Mitchell. To access the service, just type “digital narration” in the list of audiobooks in the appropriate search bar.

Apple Books is Apple’s digital reading service, which allows the purchase and subsequent listening or reading of digital books. Furthermore, it is also possible to use the platform for ebooks and readings already owned. If you don’t know what to buy on this platform, here are three books due out in January 2023.