BYD from Castrosua will launch the first eBus

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BYD, a world leader in the production of new energy vehicles. In collaboration with Castrosuarenowned specialist in the construction of body shops per bus.

They throw the first eBus jointly produced.

BYD and Castrosua launch the first eBus, source from the press office

BYD and Castrosua a unique debut in the eBus era

This debut marks the beginning of an exciting new era for customized zero emission eBuses.

Above all, in the 12m category for Spanish bus operators. Combining the experience of BYD in electric bus chassis technology. With the already popular bus bodies from Castrosua.

Juan Luis Castro, President of Castrosua and Isbrand Ho and the General Manager Of BYD Europe. They celebrate the presentation of the first eBus BYD-Castrosua from 12 meters. This one custom made in Santiago de Compostela.

VIP guests attended, including the Vice President and Councilor for Industry of the regional government Francisco Conde Lopezthe Councilor for Infrastructures and Mobility Ethel Maria Vazquez Mourelle and other representatives of the regional government, as well as Raphael BarbadilloPresident of Confebus (Spanish Federation of Bus Transport), Jesus HerreroGeneral Secretary of ATUC e Arturo PerezDirector of AEDIVE.

Javier Contijoch, Vice President of eBus Sales of BYD Europe, gives the speech at the Official Presentation Ceremony, source press officeJavier Contijoch, Vice President of eBus Sales of BYD Europe, gives the speech at the Official Presentation Ceremony, source press office

BYD e Castrosua announce their joint manufacturing partnership in September 2022giving life to one dynamic collaboration to provide Spanish customers with high quality and highly customized 12m electric buses.

Javier Contijoch, Vice President eBus Sales di BYD Europe, said: “It is a great pleasure for us to present the 12-metre BYD-Castrosua eBus to Spanish customers. We are very pleased to collaborate with Castrosua and the presentation of this first model represents a milestone for the partnership between the two companies. BYD strongly believes in local strategic partnerships. We believe this approach is essential to providing customers with the assurance of customer service and qualified local assistance. Together, we look forward to bringing customers tailored solutions and world-leading technologies.”

Juan Luis Castro, President of the Castrosua Group, said: “This alliance has allowed us to build a first proposal that will undoubtedly be a benchmark in the market, attractive and necessary, as it adds the extraordinary craftsmanship experience that has created the best bodywork, with the strength and ability to a large company, long a world leader in electric mobility, providing the best electric platform. Castrosua and BYD: excellence and ability. A sure bet.”

BYD chassis: state-of-the-art technology for safety, reliability and efficiency

The advanced technology of The BYD chassis is the heart of the BYD-Castrosua eBusthe result of BYD’s extensive experience in electric bus innovation. BYD has sold over 90,000 eBuses worldwide. Il revolutionary BYD chassis was developed to ensure safety, efficiency and reliability. One of the key benefits is the 6-in-1 controller that integrates the entire bus ecosystem to improve operational efficiency and reliability, as well as energy efficiency. The BYD battery thermal management system ensures that the battery remains at the optimum operating temperature, adapting to various climatic conditions. Furthermore, the stability and safety of the battery are guaranteed by the fact that the eBus BYD-Castrosua use iron-phosphate battery technology developed by BYDwhich has passed the most stringent safety tests.

Castrosua bodywork: award-winning for customization
of exteriors and interiors

Complementing BYD’s core technology, Castrosua’s highly configurable Nelec body shop, which uses 3D modeling during the concept phase, facilitates the development of all customization and adaptation options, as well as streamlining manufacturing, repair and maintenance, while providing advanced and comprehensive presentations to help the customer in the decision-making process.

BYD and Castrosua launch the first jointly produced eBus, source press officeBYD and Castrosua launch the first jointly produced eBus, source press office

Nelec is an environmentally friendly vehicle, built with new materials and with indirect LED lighting that is used throughout the vehicle to create a bright and spacious interior environment that translates into comfort for users. Great attention to cockpit design, spacious and ergonomicand the inclusion of other innovative elements such as a new windscreen wiper system with independent motors on each arm, an independent air ducting system or indirect vision systems (digital cameras instead of mirrors).

In safety terms, the Nelec bodywork complies with regulation 66 on rollover resistance, not mandatory for Class I vehicles, plus other features that exceed current legal requirements.

Plus, this high-performance vehicle is the lightest in its class on the market.

L’The 12-metre eBus BYD-Castrosua can accommodate up to 92 passengers, making it ideal for city bus services. With a battery capacity of 422 kWh, also offers an impressive range of over 450 km on a single charge.

More soon eBus BYD-Castrosua da 12 meters already completed they will become part of the urban electric fleets, contributing to the transition towards the electrification of public transport in Spain.

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