Tesla and the rival BYD that comes from China

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The pressure begins to be felt for TeslaNow that its rival comes from Chinese. Just the CEO Of Tesla Elon Musk he admits he has a competitor forte on the market.

Tesla and the rival that comes from China, source Depositphotos

In short, for the first time Elon is worried about losing all that series of firsts, which in addition to arrogance, have given him glory.

Who is BYD, the builder who disturbs the dreams of the Tesla owner?

Recently, Elon Musk defined the Chinese car manufacturer BYD highly competitive. Above all, times change and apparently the auto BYD they start at steal the scene to those of Tesla.

Now, in the not so distant past, Musk he didn’t feel at all worried about his rivals and least of BYD. Indeed, the owner of Tesla seemed to snub the company.

What has changed?

Dal 2011when the Tesla CEO was the only gladiator in the electric arena, the automotive industry in general has made great strides. Now, artificial intelligence also has a hand in it and voilà, Musk finds himself spending a few sleepless nights.

While, the Chinese giant BYD continues to surprise not only other builders. But it wins more and more the consent of customers.

The good neighborly relationship between Tesla and BYD

Ruminations aside, i two builders just the past year have made a deal. Tesla supplies itself with that for hers battery right from BYD.

Tesla and the rival that comes from China, source Depositphotos Tesla and the rival that comes from China, source Depositphotos

So far nothing strange, but the rumors come from when Tesla it would seem That did not renew the saleswoman a BYDFor the supply. Elon Muskprodded on the subject, only described that the relationship with BYD is positive. However, the Tesla CEO did not miss the opportunity to underline his assessment on the matter. That’s how he defined them highly competitive BYD cars.

We give the numbers of BYD

Il 2022 it was the golden year of sales Of BYD. Now, sales industry experts are already predicting that the Chinese manufacturer will overtake the volumes Of Tesla.

Precisely, BYD is delivering approx 100,000 electric vehicles per month. Being able to keep up with the electricity market is not easy. It is not a matter of evolution of the species, but of a constant revolution made of technology and continuous research. Above all, everyone wants to focus on the driver and spectator of the driving experience.

L’artificial intelligenceexperimentation continues to arrive at autonomous driving they are the daily bread of Teslabut the tide has already changed and the high levels of competition and the growth of the Chinese manufacturer testify to this.

Finally, to the question what should we expect now from the electricity market and from the two giants?

The answer is the most obvious: we will only find out by living.

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